Apple takes customer satisfaction crown on Samsungs home turf – and iPhone 5 outsells Galaxy S4 at launch

Yet another top spot in a customer satisfaction survey has been given to Apple. This time, Apple came out on top in Samsung’s own backyard. More than 44,000 smartphone owners participated in the survey, giving Apple a 52% satisfaction rating, compared to Samsung’s 50% and LG’s 46%. Meanwhile, Apple’s iPhone 5 estimated to have sold … Read more →

Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders now open!

The latest Android wonderchild to come out of the Samsung factory is the Galaxy S4, perhaps finally the iPhone killer that the Android fanbase have been urging for? The predecessor, Galaxy S3, was quite a beast, but what about the S4, will it be able to meet the growing demands that high-end smartphone users have … Read more →

How does the Galaxy S4 measure up?

Now that the [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]Samsung Galaxy S4[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]Samsung Galaxy S4[/tp] has finally been unveiled, tech fans have been discussing its merits and analysing its specs in forums all over the internet. Following the huge success of the S3, Samsung must know it needs to have something impressive up its sleeve to wow the smartphone community all … Read more →

What to expect from the Samsung Galaxy S4

Now that a date of March 14th has been set for the big unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S4, months of rumour and speculation can finally be put to bed. Whatever spec the phone actually has, the stories being leaked to various websites suggest that it should present a strong challenge to the iPhone’s dominance … Read more →