How does the Galaxy S4 measure up?

samsung-galaxy-s4Now that the [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]Samsung Galaxy S4[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]Samsung Galaxy S4[/tp] has finally been unveiled, tech fans have been discussing its merits and analysing its specs in forums all over the internet. Following the huge success of the S3, Samsung must know it needs to have something impressive up its sleeve to wow the smartphone community all over again – has it succeeded?

The S4 comes in a very similar package to its predecessor and has a very similar weight – a scant three grammes lighter than the 133g S3. It still uses a polycarbonate chassis, and while it feels a bit slicker and more solidly-built it’s still got that “plasticy” feeling that some didn’t like about the S3 – although whether that’s a deal-breaker or not is really down to personal preference.

One of the biggest steps forward can be seen in the screen. At 4.99 inches, it’s a tad bigger than the S3’s and the full HD display is a whopping 441 pixels per inch – perhaps not the largest pixel density on the market (the HTC One takes that crown), but it’s still more than enough for most people. Despite the larger screen, the device overall is actually a little smaller than the S3.

The camera has also seen some notable improvements compared with Samsung’s last device. The 13-megapixel rear camera is capable of shooting some incredibly crisp HD photos and video, while the 2-megapixel front camera allows features like panoramic photography and dual video, in case you ever wanted to record in two directions at once.

Of course, one of the most-discussed improvements is that octa-core processor that makes the S4 so blisteringly fast. But don’t get too excited – Samsung recently confirmed that the UK version of the new phone will be packing a plain old quad-core, although it was at pains to point out that this won’t make any difference to the performance. Either way, you’re still looking at one of the fastest smartphones on the market.

Overall, is the S4 worth it if you’re currently an S3 owner? It is if you’re dead set on using 4G when it becomes more widely available, if you want an improved camera or use a lot of processor-intensive apps. It’s definitely more of an evolution than a revolution, but Samsung fans will be hard-pressed to find anything the S4 doesn’t do better than the S3.

4 thoughts on “How does the Galaxy S4 measure up?”

  1. I’m still a Galaxy S user. I have been using the phone for around 3 years. Everytime a new phone comes out, I will take a look and compare to my phone and I will end up not changing it. Why? Because the network infrastructure in my country is really bad. The network is very slow. Too slow to support a fast phone. The extra feature added is not really useful also. It makes the smartphone seems smarter but it is not necessary for a smartphone. What I need is only fast browsing speed and good camera.

    As of S4, I think it’s really worth it and it’s about time for me to change. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The pricing details of the Samsung Galaxy S4 suggest that the Smartphone will be cheaper than the Apple iPhone 5. The Korean company has officially inaugurated a US online giveaway where the lucky winners will be awarded the Galaxy S4 Smartphones. GSMArena reported that the Smartphone’s approximate retail price as $579.


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