Apple takes customer satisfaction crown on Samsungs home turf – and iPhone 5 outsells Galaxy S4 at launch

by Klaus on July 6, 2013

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samsung_galaxy_s4_heroesYet another top spot in a customer satisfaction survey has been given to Apple. This time, Apple came out on top in Samsung’s own backyard. More than 44,000 smartphone owners participated in the survey, giving Apple a 52% satisfaction rating, compared to Samsung’s 50% and LG’s 46%.

Meanwhile, Apple’s iPhone 5 estimated to have sold more than 2x faster at launch than Samsung Galaxy S4. The estimate suggests that over 25 days of iPhone 5 sales, Apple shipped 805,000 units per day. Samsung shipped only 333,000 Galaxy S4 units per day.

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PaulJosaph June 25, 2014 at 09:20

Once again, analysts are taking Samsung’s “shipped” numbers and comparing those to Apple’s “sold” numbers. We have no idea how many Samsung phones are sitting on store shelves, in warehouses, etc.
It states that most of the mobile handset growth came in the low end of the market. Obviously not where Apple’s playing right now, and also where profits are minimal.

We also don’t know where they got their profit margins. Note they are clearly listed as “estimated”. Apple doesn’t break down its profits by product category, so these numbers (for both companies) are pure guesswork.



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