What You Need To Know About Defrag Computer

defragmentIntelligent PC/laptop users all recognize the significance of de-fragmentation, as it is one of the easiest but most powerful way to restore the lost computer performance.

Fragmentation and Defragmentation

Let us try to explain the words fragment and defragment to you without sounding too geeky. Suppose that you enter your room and your stuff is lying all around without being settled at a fixed place. How easy would it be to locate the items in that situation? Would it take you a longer amount of time as compared to the situation where in you already knew where you kept your stuff? In most of the cases the answer would be a yes. It will certainly take you a longer time to get hold of your stuff if you have no idea where it is lying. The same analogy applies to the case of computer memory. The processing unit takes a longer period of time to fetch the data from the disk memory in case the data is spread around in the memory without a proper pattern.

This happens in the case of fragmentation of the disk. The process of making sure that fragmentation of the disk is reversed and does not impact the working of the disk is called defragmentation. There are numerous defragmentation software and tools available in the market. All of them use a different method of making sure that defragmentation reduces the ill effect of fragmentation.

Defragmentation methods

One of the common methods that many defragment tool use is to make partitions in the hard disk. The partitions in this case have to be thought after in a way that the files which are used and altered very frequently are to be stored in one section of the disk which would be separate from the section which stores the lesser used files. This defragment technique usually shows a vast improvement in the performance of the computer when performed for the first time. There are also certain factors that can hinder the working of defragment software.

For instance, presence of some immovable files in the disk can have an interrupting effect on the disk partition. These files can be easily removed from the system using appropriate software for the same. An important point to note here is that one can’t go through with the defragment of the disk until he or she is logged in as the administrator of the computer.

Post defragmentation effects

To begin with, the [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]defrag computer[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]defrag computer[/tp] can highly reduce the time it requires for the files to open up or the programs to load. It also enhances the overall performance of the computer by a notable factor. Also, using a defragment tool can free extra portions of your disk by compacting and arranging the data within a smaller space in the disk which in turn gives you more space on the disk to work with.

Choosing the best defragment software

1. De-fragment speed

When looking for the best de-fragment software you need to concern yourself with the defragment speed. According to a recent study almost 90% of those interviewed were displeased with the windows de-fragment application. By using better de-fragment software with a robust engine and powerful algorithm, you can achieve a faster speed which is acceptable to most pc users.

2. Real Time defragment feature

Besides a quick defragment speed, an excellent defrag program must also equip attributes such as real time de-fragment as well as schedule tasks. The real time feature can successfully fix the issue of the constant fragment creation and keep your system fragments-free, whilst scheduling task allows you to routine regular upkeep for your computer.

3. Ability to work invisibly

A defragmenter which ties up computer resources in the process of de-fragmenting files/data is itself a performance liability. So another essential feature of the best defragmenter is the ability to work in the background, without contending for active computer resources.

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  1. Hello Emily,

    If I am not wrong, Windows has an inbuilt defragment tool which can be programmed to defragment the PC every week…..

  2. A third party defragmentation tool is often more effective than the Windows built-in disk defragmenter. It’s a good idea to search for a real tool to get a good save and load speed.

  3. I’m the writer of this article, I’m in this field more than 10 years, it’s my job to know so believe me – a third party defragmenter can be way more better than the basic built-in defragmenter.

  4. I’ve been a pc user for almost 2 decades now but only on this article did I became aware of a 3rd software that has the main feature of defragmentation. I’m quite sure there’s a lot of software that can do that but exclusively?..very intriguing..might be better if you mentioned a specific software or two..that would really be handy

    • You are welcome to read my personal review about a defrag software that I used… http://defragyourcomputer.com/product-review-turbo-your-pc


  5. Hi Emily,
    I am always using the built-in defragmenter in my OS to fix everything. I don’t see any problem as of now but I am curious how reliable are those third party defragmenter. What is really the difference?

    • Hi Ronaldo,
      I’m the writer of this article (it’s a guest post) and I can tell you that third party defragmenter is much more effective that the built-in defragmenter in your OS, you can notice it after you use such a software.
      You’re welcome to read my personal review about a great defragmenter that I use: http://defragyourcomputer.com/product-review-turbo-your-pc/


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