6 Super Reasons iPads Make Sense for Your Next Meeting

by Guest Author on April 24, 2014

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ipad_money_appsWith the resolution, weightlessness and battery power of today’s tablets, is it any wonder why more attendees, exhibitors and speakers want to use iPads rather than any other option at your meetings?

Spectacular resolution, weight of less than one pound for most versions and a battery life of up to 10 hours, this mobile device makes the most sense for your event.

Here are six specific reasons your meeting participants and shareholders should use iPads:

Reason #1: NO MORE PAPER

With over 600,000 apps available, you will find one that will eliminate paper – thus making your meeting greener and your attendees happier because they will not have to carry around thick conference binders and can access all pertinent information standing, walking or sitting.

Reason #2: EASY TO USE

iPads are intuitive and easy to navigate. They do not require much, if any, explanation about to how to use them.


Download the presentation onto your attendees’ iPads through one of the many software solutions available to you. Presentations can either be in PowerPoint, PDF documents in the cloud, or viewed live via second screen technology.

In the case of PowerPoint or any native apps, these can be preloaded onto the mobile device before the attendee arrives. However, if the app is web-based or you are conducting a hybrid event, you need to ensure that you have enough bandwidth to make sure everything runs smoothly.


No more marketing brochures dropped them off with a sales prospect in hopes for the best.

The iPad has great intuitive apps that Sales Reps can use. No need to lug a heavy briefcase full of marketing collateral around to various sales appointments.

Today’s iPad can access your company’s videos, presentations, photos, marketing collateral, website and much more in the press of a button. Already effective materials can be uploaded and viewed easily in the comfort of your trade show booth.

Because most of your materials will be in the cloud, reps and prospects alike can view the collateral anytime, from anywhere.

In addition, you can push important product announcements to the reps on a real-time basis. Sales reps can send messages back to you right from the trade show floor about what works and what doesn’t with the prospects. Marketing can change the message immediately rather than waiting for the copywriter, editor and printer to respond.


Engage the entire conference with polls, quizzes and games while capturing results in real-time basis which will allow you, your staff and presenters to make changes on the fly.

In addition, you can gauge meeting attendees’ understanding of the material presented and review the reports to prepare for future conferences.

Ask open-ended and close-ended questions.

Provide attendees with pre- and post- event evaluations to determine what they learned from the meeting.

Work with presenter-paced activity that can be viewed question by question and exported to a report that is automatically aggregated.


Mind map. Concept map. Flow chart. iPads with the right app allows your attendees to brainstorm new ideas, illustrate concepts, create outlines, and plan presentations.

No matter whatever the app, iPads make great sense to integrate into your next meeting, conference or trade show!

Guest article written by: De-de Mulligan has been an active blogger since 2009 and writes meeting and event related pieces for CRE Computer Rentals, an audiovisual rentals and interactive technology tool rental company specializing in corporate and business meetings and events. She has been published in Social Media Today, MPI Ohio’s DEFINE magazine and Crain’s New York Business. CRE Rentals, a premier supplier of iPads for corporate events and projects, can provide you with the technology answers to your meeting needs! With iPads available to rent and project managers available to understand your needs, they can provide you with the total mobile package.

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