India’s Top Home-Shopping Websites

18_google_street_view_sex_shopIndia has been playing host to a boom in online shopping. The recent inclusion of Amazon as a full-fledged vendor across India is a sign of the country’s desire to shop from home, with the convenience of being able to pick and choose between a vast array of choices.

You can now shop from anything between home décor to spectacles to books. Flipkart, a home grown internet based shopping website is just one of the many success stories that e-commerce has been experiencing in India. There a few drawbacks to online shopping.

The first is the tangible aspect of shopping. You cannot look at the product in the flesh and thus, it is sometimes difficult to make a completely informed decision. The second is transportation. There may be delays or even damage done to the product while it is on its way which can ruin the entire experience.

However, on the whole, online shopping is a great way to shop for anything. You can save a lot of money due to the deals which are available online. You can also go through the reviews that other shoppers upload about the product. More often than not, users give detailed opinions about their purchases and these can be vital when deciding between products.

Let us take a look at the top Indian home-shopping websites:

Flipkart started as a great way to buy books but it has become an electronic super store. You can [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]purchase electronics, stationary, books, apparel and even home décor from the website[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]purchase electronics, stationary, books, apparel and even home décor from the website[/tp]. Easy to use and one of the first websites to feature cash on delivery as an option, Flipkart has been a resounding success, paving the way and acting as a role model for many upcoming e-commerce websites.

PC World Magazine recognized the value and excellence of HomeShop18 by bestowing upon it the title of the ‘Best Shopping Site’ way back in 2008. Since then, HomeShop18 has not been idle and has grown to become one of India’s largest home shopping websites. Under the Network18 umbrella, HomeShop18 comes from the same stables that also broadcast CNBC TV18 and CNBC Awaaz.

One of the finest websites for purchasing anything between dinner sets to complicated appliances, is a one stop shop for anything related to your home. The website has a simple layout and also allows for reviews to be posted. There are quite a few handy deals to be had here so it is well worth a look.

One of India’s leading e-commerce websites, Pepperfry offers home décor, furniture, men’s and women’s apparel, jewelry and even cosmetics. Fresh in its approach and featuring a remarkable name, Pepperfry is steadily growing and gaining considerable consumer base within the Indian market.

A long time participant in the Indian e-commerce world, is one of the forerunners of the web-based shopping revolution taking India by a storm. The tried and tested website has everything on offer, home appliances, fashion, music and cosmetic products amongst others.

The Indian counterpart of the hugely successful venture, has a passionate group of shoppers who swear by the website. It offers consumers with the choice of going over used products as well as new ones and one can market their own products on the page, making it a good way for vendors to start getting acquainted with the online world. The amount of choices that are available on eBay are unprecedented. Amazon is eBay’s chief competitor in the United States and with the entry of Amazon into the Indian market, expect competition to heat up.

Guest article written by: George Palmer is a freelance writer who writes for periodicals and publications, reviewing [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]various products related to home décor, lifestyle and fashion[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]various products related to home décor, lifestyle and fashion[/tp]. In the above article, George takes a look at some of the best home shopping websites in India, contact him for further advice on getting the best deals on your purchases.

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