Is Apple iPhone 5S The Best Smartphone Ever?

iphone-5s-goldIt has been more than eight weeks since Apple iPhone 5S reached public and since that day Apple is finding it very hard to maintain the demand-supply cycle of this popular product. By having a look at the sales and popularity chart, one can easily conclude that this is the best smartphone ever introduced on this planet. As there are a lot of smartphones in the industry, such a statement do raise eyebrows as after all each handset and OS has got a collection of compromises. However, 5S still boasts of features that provide it undue advantages over the rest.

Apple iPhone 5S puts more focus on ease and is much simpler to operate than Android handsets like Galaxy S4. In Android, there are a lot of complex choices in settings, options, launchers and layouts, whereas on the other hand Apple iPhone 5S provides the user with a standard platform. As it’s backed by iOS7, which is not only fast but also isn’t an open source platform implying that its fee from attacks from hacker community. The device is designed for everyday use and not just work, thereby providing plenty of options to the user to play with.

The focus of the application model used in this version of iPhone is quite uncluttered, which makes it very understandable. In absence of a home screen for widgets and icons, you will still find everything you need with ease and at the same time it does not affect the configurability in any of the ways.

This superb device switches without any hitch between 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi data and helps to keep the bills down. The web surfing experience on the device using the pre installed Safari is smooth and quick to render pages. One of the major joys of using Apple iPhone 5S is its ease of connectivity to the computer. There are many connectivity packages and application suites making it very easy to transfer files between the device and PC and vice versa.

The new 64 bit A7 processor of the phone combined with the M7 motion co processor makes the power of the device unmatched. The chips and the powerful architecture will make 5S as a future proof smartphone.

It is a pricey handset no doubt; however it is how the Apple devices are. Nevertheless, the technology of this handset is class apart and it is going to give a touch competition to not only its present competitors but also devices coming in the future.

Guest article written by: Anzer Khan is an expert article and blog writer who specializes in mobile & technology niche. He follows the latest releases in the market and considers Apple iPhone 5S as amongst the best Apple device introduced till date. You must check out the amazing [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]iPhone 5S contracts[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]iPhone 5S contracts[/tp] online.


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