Clever technology that will help in housekeeping

carpet-cleaning-1-300x187There are many clever inventions of the technology, which can help you in your housekeeping. Most of them are smart tools, which save energy consumption and therefore your expenses for your electrical bills, as well as cleaning machines and devices for purification your water, air and etc. New smart innovations in the technology appear very often and facilitate the housekeeping a lot. Here are some of technology devices, which every housewife should have to improve its cleaning and housekeeping work, managing her career at the same time.

One of the devices, which can reduce your electrical bills and help you in housekeeping is the thermostat. It can save your energy consumption up to thirty percent, by reducing the cooling and heating costs. The thermostat connects to the Web to use the necessary data it needs to adjust the temperature in your home. It saves a lot of energy.

Another clever technology, which reduces the unnecessary energy is the charger. It lowers the energy consumption of all the electrical devices in your home , which are plugged but aren’t turned on at the moment. On it can be plugged plenty of electrical devices. It automatically turns itself off when all the electrical appliances are fully charged.

The Purelight UV Wand is used for cleaning often touched items like door handles, light switches,  phones, different buttons etc.  It used UV light to kill  microbes and cleanse the surfaces of the objects. This tool doesn’t create ozone while cleaning and even filters dust mites, which makes it an eco-friendly and healthy device. It usually has two years guarantee.

Dyson DC41 Animal Complete is a vacuum cleaning tool, specially designed for pets. It removes animal fur from carpets, furniture and floors. It can be adjusted to fit every kind of surface. Although it can be a little pricey, it’s really worth its price, because it will save you the exhausting work of removing your pets’ fur from almost everywhere.

SteriPEN Freedom is a tool for cleansing the water you drink. It is a movable tool with a small size which can be very practical. It charges with a USB and you can take it everywhere you want with you.

Neatro Robot Helper, as the name implies, is a London carpet cleaning machine, which cleans by itself, using sensors. The companies Neatro and iRobot had been working many years on creating the perfect self-cleaning machine.    It is a wonderful cleaning robot machine, specially designed for very busy people, who don’t have much time for their housekeeping work. Devices, resembling this are the automatic mops, which can also do you  great work.

The Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Alarm is a device, which detects not only smoke, but humidity, heat, light and other activity. It’s a great tool to keep your home safe from accidents.

To keep the air in your home clean you can supply yourself with the Purely Products technology. It kills the bacteria and microbes, using ultraviolet light. This technology will  disinfect the air you and your family breathe and provide a healthy atmosphere in your home.

There are many other inventions of the technology, which can provide help in your housekeeping a lot. Such technology improve very quickly and new devices are created in a very fast speed. So you can choose the newest and most advanced devices for your own household and try new inventions. Cleaning and common housekeeping work will no longer take plenty of your time and you will have more free time. The other advantage is that these clever technology saves your efforts so you can focus on the really important things in your life.

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