Driving Unprecedented Growth in Your Business with Video Conferencing

conference-room-trainingThe business world seems to be always evolving, especially in a technological sense. Just in the last decade, we’ve seen the creation of smartphones and tablets, and the implementation of telecommuting programs among companies both large and small. These advances in technology have made our world much more connected, and easier for businesses to grow. Today, your business needs to be aware of new technologies, and implement them correctly to be successful. One of these technologies is video conferencing.


The creation of the Internet allowed users to interact with people around the globe. Video conferencing is a product of that invention, and a technology that can change the way people interact across vast distances. It is a technology that should be included within your business, because you create a more personal communication that texting and phone calls cannot match. With a video conference, it is as if you are meeting in person, because you can see who you are speaking to. Thus, [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]nonverbal communication cues are present[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]nonverbal communication cues are present[/tp], which can make the difference between a sale and a lost client.

Increased Productivity

No matter what type of industry you are in, your sales, management, and marketing departments all depend on effective communication. So why are you still sending endless amounts of emails and making phone calls? Video conferencing allows coworkers to conference and talk in real-time. Thus, with video conferencing your business can become more productive, by cutting out the unnecessary back and forth communication of emails that wastes time. Instead, you can use your extra time to complete projects faster. Communicate better and more effectively with your employees and clients with [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]Blue Jeans Network[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]Blue Jeans Network[/tp] web conferencing solutions.


Video conferencing offers your business the convenience of a meeting right at your fingertips. Business travel may be the livelihood of your company, but this could mean that it is also your biggest expense. Video conferencing can eliminate the need to travel for most of your business trips, seeing as you can communicate face-to-face with your current and prospective clients when it is convenient for both parties.

Ultimately, [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]using video conferencing in your workplace can save you not only time and money[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]using video conferencing in your workplace can save you not only time and money[/tp], but also the frustration of having to cancel a trip that was already paid for when meetings get cancelled or rescheduled. To see how much you can save, just multiply the number of trips your business takes annually, by the average cost of each trip. Don’t forget to include airfare, hotel, and other expenses that go along with each trip. Most likely, you will notice your business can save money by using a video conferencing system effectively.

Competitive Advantage

You know that there is no reward for being second in creating new products and innovative ideas in the business world. Video conferencing can give you the competitive advantage to allow your business to grow and expand. This is because your team will be able to communicate and share information faster between one another. Video communication can help your business collaborate more effectively, which will make it possible to bring new products and ideas to consumers quicker.

For example, if you are manufacturing a product, you could verify its quality, and make changes without having to wait for it to be shipped to you to inspect it. By having the ability to make changes in real-time, a process that might normally take a week could be resolved within an hour. Thus, video conferencing can help you gain the upper hand on your competitors.

More Appealing

Today, the quality of video conferencing is much more appealing than in years past. This technology is always improving, with frequent software updates to better the audio and video quality of your calls.

What is also great about this technology is the convenience it gives to you and your employees. In the workplace, it is inevitable that someone will have to miss a meeting, for whatever reason, no matter how carefully you plan it. Instead of making one of your employees catch their coworker up on what was missed – which wastes their time and productivity – have the individual who missed out on the meeting watch it at a time that works for them. With video conferencing, you have the ability to record your meetings, and remove efficiency issues.

Better for All of Us

Ultimately, this business solution is more appealing than ever, and will only continue to improve. Yet, you can’t forget the benefits to the environment that video conferencing provides us as well. Video conferencing can promote less travel, which in turn saves gas. Also, sharing more electronic documents will save trees.

With all these advantages and benefits, video conferencing continues to grow in popularity year after year. In 2015, it is projected that 88% of businesses will be using video conferencing within their company. Thus, it is important to make sure your business doesn’t fall behind in this technology-driven age that we live in.

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