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by Guest Author on May 29, 2014

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commerce-shoppingAmazon is a tech company which created a wave after the Great Recession by launching its products and services in the retail space. Constant innovation and ingenuity is what gives the company an edge over others. In terms of revenue Amazon is the 15th largest retailer in America. Studies show that Amazon is growing at a rate of three times the rate of ecommerce overall. Amazon has adopted effective strategies which help it to stay ahead in competition. It collects relevant information about buyers and uses the information to target customers. It reaches out to the potential customers through mail and the website itself.

Staying ahead in league

Relationship which Amazon has with its customers is one of its greatest strengths. The relationship is one-to-one. This feature allows Amazon to turn the ever-growing ecommerce into revenue. The firm was quick to realize that ecommerce would soon shift from computers to mobile. Development of Kindle by Amazon was an important and innovative step which was taken by the tech firm. Books, music and movies still account of 37% of the revenue’s. Experts feel that 90% of sales in future will be digital. To stay ahead in the stiff competition Amazon will have to venture into the world of tablets.

Business to business services

The step which Amazon has taken into business to business services is a daunting step. Cloud computing services are being leased out in the server space so that small businesses do not have to risk on large capital investment. This has resulted in third party marketers setting up their virtual space in Amazon. The marketers can make the best of Amazon’s customer base when they sell their products. Of each sale that is made a considerable amount of money needs to be paid to Amazon in the form of commission. It’s making news that Amazon is putting in its endeavors into same day delivery of products.

An ecommerce platform

It has been predicted that Amazon will play a large role in future retail. Amazon Services is a new addition which has been made. It offers ecommerce solutions to companies which want to give a face-lift to their businesses. With the help of Amazon software and technology it offers a backbone to the ecommerce companies. One example is which makes use of Amazon Services to manage its ecommerce. It also has a store on Amazon from which it earns high revenues. There are several tings which you can do with ecommerce Amazon platform.

Associates earn money

Through Amazon you can make money in several ways. Apart from selling products you can make use of Amazon’s Associate Program. If you have a website you can post a link to Amazon and earn money. The link will show the products which have been chosen by the associate. At times it also lists products which are the best-seller in a category. The list is updated by Amazon in regular intervals. If you are the associate you will get a share of sales which is made through the link. This is an important ecommerce Amazon solution which you can make use of.

Amazon Web Services

You can also make use of Amazon’s Web Services. This program will allow you to use Amazon’s utilities for your own purposes. According to this application programming interface you can access Amazon’s technology infrastructure in order to build applications for your own website. You can consult Amazon Web services to find out how you can make the best of Amazon’s commerce platform. Whether you are an individual seller or a retailer you can make the best of this platform. You can avail the ecommerce packages which are offered by Amazon.

Guest article written by: John Gately took resort to Amazon services and made the best of ecommerce packages which are offered by the tech company. He availed the [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]ecommerce Amazon solutions to revamp his ecommerce business[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]ecommerce Amazon solutions to revamp his ecommerce business[/tp].

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tabish khan June 3, 2014 at 09:38

Amazon has provided a good range of business platform of e-commerce as compared to the other sites amazon has gained the highest pr rank.
thanks for sharing the post and keep updating us.
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