Glitches That Mar The Effect Of A Logo And Steps To Evade Them

colored-pencils-designLogo helps in creating a unique identity, and reminds us about the product or company. Designing a logo is an integral part of designing. A designer takes effort to conglomerate their client’s ideologies and produce a graphic representation of it. Clients hire services of a web design company, to create a memorable and unique logo. But, at times you may come some logos that are disappointing and do not serve the purpose. There are few mistakes that designers need to evade to make an effective logo.

Missing out details during briefing

Understanding the USP of a product is important. A logo should reflect the practical aspect of the business. Knowing it will help you to give a unique angle to the design. At times, designers tend to include their trademark on the design of the logo. You need to be focused on your client’s requirements and stick to the details they have mentioned while briefing. Briefing is an integral part of the designing process as it helps the designers in understanding what needs to be designed and how they need to do it. If you want to deliver a high quality and professional logo you must abide by the points mentioned in the briefing.

Avoid using raster images

Often raster images are used for logos, but while reproducing them you might face difficulty. As the more you zoom in on a raster image gets pixelated. It is advisable to use vector graphics software, which allows consistency of images in different sizes. A host of advantages is attached to use vector graphics for designing a logo. So as a representative of a reputed web design company you need to uphold the visual consistency of the logo in different sizes.

You can scale up the logo to different sizes without losing its quality.

If you want to edit your logo, later you can easily do it.

Your logo can be modified to other media also.

Choosing right font

Correct choice of font is integral to any an effective logo. Every font type has its individual character, and it is important for viewers to differentiate one from the other. You should strike the balance between the font and the icon used.

Improper choice of font leads to failure of the logo to create an impact.

If the icon and the font do not complement each other it would not be visually pleasing, and the audience will be confused.

In case the font that you have chosen, does not match the characteristic of the icon, then the brand will not be reflected properly.

You should also make sure that you do not use more than two fonts in a logo as it improves the legibility of the design.

Ignoring brand positioning

A designer needs to know the brand positioning of the product. Through different mapping techniques, you can know the accurate position of the brand, for which you will design a logo. This assessment can help you to design the logo easily as your design need to reflect the identity of the product and brand. If the logo is in sync with the brand positioning, it will get a positive reaction from audiences. You can also do a thorough research about the client prior to designing the logo.

It should transcend time

Often designers tend to follow the recent trends and design accordingly. In reality, logo should be designed such that it transcends time. Since, your aim is to create a unique trend for your client, so it is advisable to ignore the latest trends. Next time when a client walks to your web design company make sure that you consider these points and deliver the best. An amateur or visually inconsistent logo reflects the status of the business or the company that it is representing.

Guest article written by: Jonathan Brown is a skilled designer and has profound experience in designing logos. He and the [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]web design company[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]web design company[/tp] that he belongs to have a rich client base. Over the years, he has mastered the tricks that should be used and glitches that you should avoid.

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