Importance Of Knowing Jquery In-depth For Bloggers

jquery-logoYou can make use of Jquery to develop interactive web pages. With Jquery, you will be able to enhance your site with animations and make it SEO-friendly. It is a Javascript library which makes HTML data traversing simple and event handling becomes easy. It has changes the way in which JavaScript is written. You can add Jquery to your blogger as it helps you to add effects, interesting functions and animation to your blogs. It helps to save time and make effects on our designs. With Jquery you can run custom animation on selected items.

Aspects of Jquery

Jquery stands apart from the rest of the libraries. Certain aspects which distinguish it from the rest are:

  • The codes in Jquery can run on most of the browsers. The cross browser compatibility ensures that the design runs smoothly.
  • It is very simple to understand Jquery. After a tutorial of 30 minutes, you can start writing the codes.
  • You can create plug-ins easily and use them for Jquery projects. You can share them with other developers.
  • As the Jquery library is only 24 KB, it is extremely easy to include it in your application.

Integral features

Jquery is very popular because:

In the recent times search engines are becoming better and smarter. Jquery enables your text to be readable by search engines while showing the keyword rich content.

It has been seen that five lines of Jquery code is equivalent to 25 lines of JavaScript. This saves time and enables uploading of smaller files faster.

Web browsers of mobile devices also support Jquery.

With Jquery, the web pages are more interactive and user friendly.

Several plugins can be obtained from the internet that helps web developers to create effects in a fast and smooth manner.

Understanding Jquery is essential

Jquery is popular because of several features that make it very simple to use. CSS3 selector specification is supported by Jquery. Kick start your future by learning CSS3 selectors. It offers an array of utility functions which include array manipulation, extending objects and string trimming. An in-depth knowledge of Jquery helps developers as it is easy to write and maintain codes using Jquery. By using the supports function, you can ascertain all functions are available to the user. This feature can help you to upgrade your application such that it can be supported on all browsers.

Jquery in web designing

Some knowledge of Jquery can prove very beneficial for website design companies. It can help you to build a dynamic website which stands out from the rest. Users will be able to browse sites easily without hassles.  A Jquery library can help you to minimize HTML scripting. It has been seen that this library has become highly popular in web designing. With Jquery, you can undertake modification of DOM, document support and plug-in extensions. If you have prior knowledge of HTML, it will be very easy for you to learn Jquery.  If you are keen on learning web designing, it is important that you learn Jquery.

It has been predicted that Jquery will be around for some time. Thus, you will not waste your money if you invest in learning Jquery. With the benefits which come along with it joining a Jquery tutorial is not a bad idea. It is important to note that embedding Jquery in your blog template can be very useful. It saves time to develop and can help you to create beautiful effects. A Jquery file is available for being cached. It is the ideal choice for rapid web development and a great choice for developers.

Guest article written by: Thomas works in a [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]website design company[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]website design company[/tp] is an expert in Jquery. His expertise and vast experience make him a successful developer toady.

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