Keeping Things Interesting: For Effective Corporate Communication Think Corporate Digital Signage


Gone are the days of the long paper trail when you needed to communicate with the staff at your corporation. [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]Corporate digital signage[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]Corporate digital signage[/tp] is fast becoming the best way to talk to your staff and keep them interested and engaged at their various work stations.

Digital signage was originally developed for advertising purposes only, but as with all things technological, it has evolved to incorporate more uses both in advertising and in overall communication within and without the corporation.

Within the corporation, you can use the digital signs to give updates from the head office which are instantly relayed to the various branches of your corporation. Since they are placed everywhere, from coffee rooms to lobbies, your message with get maximum viewership instantly than you would by sending emails which employees may not get to quickly enough. This way, all your employees will be kept up to date at all times which can certainly help in synchronizing work and improving overall efficiency.

The other thing about digital signage is that it can be a great and fun way of training employees. If you are intending to introduce a new application or upgrade some part of your company’s technology, you don’t need to send a trainer to every single branch. All you have to do is get a video out on how the new technology or system will work and have the employees watch it over your digital signs from the comfort of their own offices. You could also make it interactive by having a live feed so that trainers can answer employee questions immediately. This should save you quite a bundle in training fees and time.

And then there is gamification. This is an interesting term that refers to making work a lot like play. Developers use all the fun elements found in games and integrate them to work systems so that people can have fun while actually being productive. It is one among the popular approaches in the human-focused design of production systems.

The thing about gamification is that itplays on the ‘feel good’ aspect of the game where the user feels good while working and gets immediate recognition and rewards for their work. Needless to say, this is quite the motivation builder and will have productivity going up in a very short time. You can put up team score boards that use feedback from clients and turn-around time among other factors to enable the team to self-evaluate, pull together and aim for the highest score. It all sounds like child-play but it will get you better results than any team building activity you could think of.

The [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]best thing about digital signage[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]best thing about digital signage[/tp] within corporations is the interaction between the employer and the employee. Instead of having a top down approach to decision-making, digital signage is able to facilitate a bottom up approach. You can get immediate feedback on the ideas that you communicate over the signs from your employees to see if it will work or not-think customer feedback only now as employee feedback. Having this sense of inclusion and ownership, as with customers, will increase the feeling of camaraderie and you will have a solid, loyal team behind your brand that you can count on.


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  1. People have written so much on Corporate communication but in the practical its very hard to implement. Nice post by the way, Keep writing!

  2. Great article Emily..! Thank you very much for such an interesting post. I like the point that you have used to start the article. I am agreed with you that digital signage is excellent way to talk with staff. Digital signage is nice way to train employees and you can save lots of time. Keep writing awesome like this which may people interesting.


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