Top apps that will help you design and track your family tree

by Guest Author on January 30, 2014

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iphone_appsWith the progress in technology coming about a full circle, it is now easier than ever to know who your ancestors are. You need go travelling back to your roots or gather documents and other such evidence. Everything is now available at the touch of a screen and with the advent of apps this task has become a lot easier. You can get more information on your ancestors and all of your family members that can also help you in several other aspects apart from simply telling you how your existence came into being. A lawyer who works for Disputing Wills is also a technology aficionado and essentially, lists down the top apps that you must have on your smartphone if you wish to track down your ancestors with complete precision.

This website also has its own app that you can download and use. There is a basic and advanced feature to this app that lets you carry out the functions accordingly and is priced accordingly. Creating a family tree with the knowledge that you already possess about your ancestors falls under the basic category and is essentially free of cost. However, if you need track down your ancestors, you will be required to pay a monthly charge of about $35. Using its tracking system, the app thumbs through the myriad public postings that may have been made back in the day, say, in obituaries or military records and even census surveys, which is ideally quite effective. The findings from this app are precise; however, the one drawback that makes this app questionable is the fact that you may be provided with no fruitful results if your ancestors or family were not in any of the public records.

My Heritage:

This app, as the name suggests, is a reliable family tree app that will help you keep everything pertaining to your family organized. This app not only lets your record but also helps you discover history concerning your family members and your ancestors. This family tree app can help you connect people into varied relationships and can also add a corresponding photo for the same. There is a set of records available on My Heritage which you can search to get results or information about possible ancestors. Besides, it also offers you with syncing facilities.


Available at $4.99, this app has been designed specifically for iPad. Using this app, you can create your very own timelines that have been altered as per your choice. On this timeline, you can make use of events that you would like to place on this timeline and can also add corresponding images. Therefore, if there is any family event that you would like to record, this can be done so with ease. This will help you keep track of all the family members for future reference purposes. This app is beneficial as it helps you to maintain a chronology of events. The updated version of the app is complete with some sleek features that will help keep your family tree records in the most convenient manner.


This app for your iPhone or iPad is excellent when you wish to get access to your family tree at any given point of time. You can also use it in sync with DropBox or iTunes for better access to its features but is not a necessity. For someone who works for Disputing Wills, you can also search for your ancestors by using the list of surnames that they record. If you possess a record number, you can enter this information to get access to your ancestors.

Guest article written by: Martha Fox is a lawyer who [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]works for Disputing Wills[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]works for Disputing Wills[/tp] and has been handling will cases since the beginning of her career. She has a professional background in law and loves to spend her free time pursuing her hobbies.

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