Traveling in Europe Made Easier with GoEuro

by Klaus on July 10, 2014

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bus_stop_travelIt is for a fact that travel and tourism has become the lifeblood of many countries, especially ones that have famous tourist destinations.  Additionally, traveling or touring is one of life’s simple pleasures (for some, it’s even considered a luxury) as it allows you to visit and view different wonderful places such as parks and resorts, or relics of the past.

When you know that you are going somewhere, let’s say to another region or country to spend your vacation, most of the time, you will feel very excited!  However, that excitement sort of dwindles down if you are the one who’s in charge of planning the itineraries of the trip. If you have never been to a particular place before, and that place is your next travel destination, then you will most likely encounter these two main dilemmas:

  1. How much will it cost you to reach your destination?
  2. How long will it take you to get there if you ride a train, plane, bus, or car?

Traveling to new places is absolutely fun; however, it can be very difficult to plan your travel when you are visiting different places (or countries) because your options on going from point A to point B are limited.  GoEuro, a startup website, aims to change and simplify that as it attempts to provide quality information on how to get from your starting point to your destination.  Basically, it does all the work for you in figuring out the modes of transport available (train, plane, bus, or car), along with which mode you can take in order to reach your destination “faster” or which mode that can help you reach your destination at a “cheaper” price.

What is good about GoEuro is that it allows you to search to and from locations.  This includes villages or towns, mode of transport, pricing, and travel time.  The metasearch results you get from GoEuro eliminate any need in viewing multiple websites so you can plan your whole trip with ease.  As a frequent traveler, this is actually one of the tools I have been looking and waiting for, because it provides both convenience and flexibility when planning my travels.

As an example, I have plotted a simple point A to point B travel sample from London to Liverpool.

London to Liverpool

As you can see with the screenshot, it shows you the details on how much it would cost to travel from London to Liverpool using different forms of transportation, along with how much time it will take to get to your destination.  There is even a handy mode button that allows you to choose from cheapest to fastest.  Kindly visit and try it out for yourself.  (Not included in the screenshot of course are the different modes of transportation that allows you to book your trip ahead of time.)

Travel websites are not new as there have been many who tried but failed in the past.  Possibly what sets GoEuro apart from others, aside from their multi-million dollar funding, is that they have “very good balance in technology to commercial feature”.  Their aim is to provide users a simple and straightforward experience.

Probably the only difficulty that GoEuro may be faced with is – the booking sites for rail and coach.  Since the airline industry has most of its travel schedule and booking available online, the metasearch of GoEuro works fairly well in that aspect.  However, having solved the issue of booking for rail and coach gave the site more value and better experience for the user.

At this moment, their ingenious technology works very well.  You can even download the app on your Android Smartphone so you can use it while you are on the go.  For now, GoEuro is optimized for UK, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg.  It won’t be long when other countries will be added, not to mention the technology being licensed to American and Asian markets.

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