Tips to buy the right domain name for your startup

Domain namesNaming your startup and securing a great domain is a pretty difficult task but it is one of the crucial decisions of your startup venture and therefore needs utmost care. A thorough research is required in order to get the right domain name for your online venture. Domain name is a powerful online marketing tool but if your domain name is not congruent with your business ides then the whole exercise turns futile. The right approach towards deciding the domain name will surely increase the chances of it being successful. This write up discusses the need of following a systematic procedure for finalizing your domain name so that you save on the time and effort and channelize your energy in the right direction. It is an amalgamation of steps that includes defining the apt root word or keyword and the permutations of these words that will take you to desired results.

Tips to buy the right domain name

There are certain directions which ensure you follow the right path for naming your startup venture. These directions are discussed below:

Determine the keywords related to your business idea

It is very important to develop keywords that speak about the chief idea behind your venture. This can be understood as the zest of the kind of products and services you offer to customers. Literal concept that determine the type of the startup for example music, food, clothing etc should be recognized following which you need to work towards phrases or feeling connected with your business idea.

Short and simple

Domain name should be such that it can be easily memorized and shared by online customers. Complex domain names are difficult to remember and are hence less popular. The domain name should clearly focus on your brand and should not give any misleading ideas to potential customers. It is quite clear that domain name determines the first impression an online visitor makes about your enterprise and this calls for the need of looking into every minute details before finalizing the name.

Use interesting domain extensions

A clever use of domain extension can give your venture a successful edge over others. The use of .com is evergreen but personalizing your domain extension can give you a great domain name for your venture.

Target your customers

The chosen domain must clearly target the desired audience and inspire them to visit your website and avail the products and services your business offers. The domain name should clearly promote your enterprise in the online arena and that too in a very effective and efficient manner. It should describe the story behind the name that will surely attract customers and eventually lead to brighter business prospects for your startup venture. Domain name should tell the services you offer since any contradiction can be detrimental for the future of your online enterprise.

Online domain name tools

Online domain name tools provide you with a wide spectrum of domain options according to the keyword provided by you. These tools add suffix or prefix to the keyword in order to create interesting domain name options for your online venture. These tools provide various search related options that aid you in customizing your search and get relevant results quickly.

  • Utilize synonym and antonym
  • Drop the end vowel to get unique domain name
  • Add two words or rearrange words of the keyword
  • Save relevant search results
  • Determining availability of desired domain names

Employ reliable domain register

Domain registration is highly important once the domain name has been determined. Registration should be done a reliable and well known domain name registrar so that you don’t face any problem afterwards. It should also provide technical assistance in case of any domain related issues.

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  1. absolutely true.. I totally agree . Right domain name selection for online venture is very crucial and Important Step. we should always do some case study before taking any final decision. If the target keyword is in domain name then it’s too good. nice brief article thanks for sharing tips

  2. I think finding a good name for startups is stressful and no doubt even the branding and marketing veterans find the process daunting. A bad name can spell disaster for a company so it’s critical to choose a brand that’s catchy and embodies what your enterprise is all about

  3. I have gone thorugh all the informations provided by you and m sure i will keep it in mind while buying a new domain and your information are worth while for a new blogger to decide a new domain..
    thank you.

  4. im studied about technopreneur and it disscuss about domain name. and like u said in here that we must have a simple domain name or strange domain cause it will help other people memorizing our brand and its very important.
    the domain .com is better than other strange domain like .zz or .xx or something like that cause if we use .com other will more trust the .com domain cause if we want our domain using .com we need to pay it.


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