Enhance the Online traffic of Your Website Using White Hat SEO Techniques

seoWhat are White Hat SEO Techniques: Also known as Ethical Search Engine Optimalization (SEO) techniques, white hat SEO refers to the practice of those optimalization techniques and strategies that largely focus on relevancy for readers using the policies and guidelines of the search engines. These techniques are used by those websites that intend to invest for long-term in their online content. White  Hat SEO techniques can be classified as:

  • Usage of keywords
  • Keywords analysis
  • Back linking
  • Link building
  • Writing relevant content for target audience

To enhance online presence and visibility of your website to get more traffic using white hat optimalization techniques, you may follow the below mentioned tips: 

1. Create original content

The ground rule of making your website work wonder is to always create original content for it. All search engines, particularly Google, is well-equipped to recognise plagiarised content and if your website has copied information, chances are that you might be ranked very low by the mighty search engine, might not be there on the top 10 search results.

To rank higher and among the top results, emphasise on creating relevant, original content. Another important thing to keep in mind is to regularly update your website with fresh information, thus retaining your position in the ‘good books’ of Google and Yahoo.

2. No repetitive content

Every search engine has techniques to pinpoint the repetitive information on the same website, therefore, rephrasing the content again and again won’t really be fruitful. The White Hat SEO Technique- Keyword Analysis- review the quality of the content available on any website thus can easily recognise where the information has been repeated. Google ranking is largely based on the ‘freshness’ and ‘new appeal’ of your content thus try to include more and more facts in your subject matter and make it more relevant and interesting for your target public.

3. Link Analysis

It’s a myth that only keyword relevancy of your content will take your website higher on the search results. Link analysis is an equally important factor to get more online traffic on your webpage. It is basically a technique which studies how many other links or websites are talking about (read promoting or appreciating) the link in question. If your website has been referred by a frequent group of bloggers or web gurus, chances are your website may be positioned among the top searches thus attracting more readers. It directly affects your website’s relevancy value (in layman term, its image in the eyes of your target audience).

4. Link Exchanges

This technique says that you associate your website with another website which do have some relevancy in context of your content. For example, a health care website can share its links with an online chemist or a travel portal can share its links with a website providing services for adventurous sports. Both the parties gain from this white hat SEO technique, increasing the significance of their content, improving their Google ranking and identifying target audience in crispier manner.

However, ensure that the links that you sure with other website has relevance and fresh content, otherwise the search engines might consider it a scam or invalid or irrelevant links.

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