Best Alternatives to iPhone 6

With the launch of iPhone 6, iPhone has embarked itself with many new technological advancement but still there are many comparisons made with other high end models and are portrayed as alternatives to iPhone6. With much lesser price and much more features these alternatives prove to be a better choice.

iPhone 6 is the new high end phone in the market which is recently launched by Apple and with a new launch comes many new features, it is dramatically thinner as compared to earlier series with smooth metal surface that best goes with the retina HD display. iPhone 6 come with a multi touch display with high contrast at wider viewing angles. But with all these features comes a deep down fight with other competitors as well who already carry these features and somehow there are many alternatives for the Apple iPhone 6 with much enhanced features and low prices. Here are some of the alternatives which are in tough competition with iPhone 6.


Samsung Galaxy S5Samsung is one company which have come up with many good products and has always been up with the technology meeting the users needs. One such product from Samsung mobile phone is the Galaxy S5 which is a touch chase with the iPhone 6, S5 comes with a bigger screen, longer battery life and a water resistant body. S5 comes with kids mode to save apps, content and have a floating module called toolbox, Samsung mobile phones has come with many new models with different features to make its devices stand out, and S5 comes with the first anti-theft module and a heart rate monitor which is not present in iPhone 6. Samsung mobile phone prices in India are presented at many prices for the users and S5 comes at a much lower price in comparison to iPhone which is less for almost 20,000 and with much better features.


HTC ONE M8HTC mobiles are the new consistent mobile company with many new devices and a much hi-tech models. One M8 in comparison with iPhone 6 comes with a better design, boom sound speakers and a larger screen. HTC mobile phones in India are quite popular among users with its quality features, and One M8 is the most hi-tech phone from HTC having a fun duo camera in comparison to iPhone 6 where it has a flexible focus on the shots after the face and an improved blink feed interface for keeping tabs on news, social updates and much more which is not there on iPhone6.

[tp lang=”en” only=”y”]HTC mobile price in India[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]HTC mobile price in India[/tp] are quite flexible as the users get the devices at all prices in comparison to iPhone 6 which is only present at 40 and above.


LG G3LG Company has been up with almost all electronics and LG mobile phones are quite a buzz now with its new model LG G3, LG mobiles in India with their LG 3 model is in a much higher comparison with iPhone 6. It has a very powerful configuration as compared to iPhone 6, it spots a 5.5 inch screen and makes iPhone 6 looks very small. It has a laser focus camera is one of the bestest feature, where we can focus on one subject before clicking and this is not there on iPhone 6. It comes at a price of Rs 44,000 which is very cheap in comparison to iPhone 6. LG mobile phone prices in India started from a much low price but gradually went up with the prizes with good technology leads.


MotoX-9782[tp lang=”en” only=”y”]Motorola mobiles in India[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]Motorola mobiles in India[/tp] offer with many impressive features and come at affordable prices. In comparison with iPhone 6 there MOTO X which comes with many good features like it is easy to choose from a host of colors and accent colors online and even with matching accessories which is not at all present in iPhone 6.  Motorola mobile phone prices in India start from a lower price to much higher price. And Motorola Moto X comes at a price of Rs 20,000 in comparison to iPhone 6.

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  1. Nice List Emily,

    The Samsung Galaxy S5 promises to be the most feature-packed smartphone ever released and has some exclusive features that make it special. The phone is reliable, runs fast, and comes with all the features you would ever need.


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