Entrepreneurs Are Taking Technology to the Next Level and Beyond

technologyAs Ehsan Bayat knows, every aspect of the information and communication technology field is wide open to entrepreneurs. For example, until now, agents are employed by actors, athletes and other performers to help them get work, positions and negotiate contracts. It is not common for people in the information technology field to employ agents to find jobs and deal with employers. However, this may be changing.

How to Get a Top Assignment?

Entrepreneurs are looking into the business of agents for top programmers to find them the dream jobs. Having been agents for entertainers, talent agents are now looking at the tech-savvy giants from Silicon Valley as clients. Companies will be only too glad to employ these individuals because it is widely considered that a top programmer is at least 10 times more productive than the others. Several of the top entertainment agents have started including tech talent, and there are also at least three new companies that only work with tech talent.

More Efficient

It’s not easy for companies to find the best programmers. It takes one to know one, and most companies don’t have the connections, knowledge or ability to select the best. To get the best talent, companies need to partner with engineers to help them vet new employees and coordinate their assignments. An agent will also help its client if the large corporations decide to suppress their salary to stop poaching. Google and Apple recently settled a lawsuit with engineers who filed a case because they believed the tech giants had an anti-poaching agreement.

Small companies may not have the capital to partner with an engineer and not be able to compete with the big companies to get the best programmers they need to take their small business forward. If there is a bidding war for a programmer, the small company will lose. A tech agent will benefit small companies because they can find programmers who are looking for interesting work and possibly becoming part of a startup that goes giant. The programmers may also be looking for steady work and not necessarily a starring position.

Another reason an agent is useful, is for the programmer. They may be worth much more than big companies are willing to offer, but with an agent they can find a job that values their worth. Programmers often undersell themselves and settle for a lower salary than they are worth according to the value they bring to the company. A good programmer can create algorithms that make the company millions, and should be paid accordingly.

Another Opinion

Some people think that an agent may be useful for a programmer who has a unique talents, but not for an ordinary person who is replaceable and is looking for stable employment. In any case, it is important for the programmer to thoroughly discuss their situation with an agent and agree on their responsibilities and compensation. Agents also serve another purpose. They give support and confidence to the employee, which may be required if they are out of work.

The field of information and communication technology cannot be limited to one sector of the economy. There are jobs that exist today that were not even thought of one year ago.

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