Common Link Building Mistakes You Must Avoid To Rank Better In Google

seo-search-engine-optimizationThe only constant is change, the sooner all online businesses and link builders realize this, the better it is for websites’ online rankings. Regardless of whether you have seen tremendous change in the rankings of the websites you were working on, or the sites you have not even touched yet, the recent results show that websites’ rankings were affected. Google has made a lot of changes in the past and recently by making changes in algorithm updates, and those changes can affect your link building strategies. In this article, we will read about common link building mistakes that link building or SEOs must avoid to rank better in Google.

Mistake #1: Too many anchor text links that are exactly the same


[tp lang=”en” only=”y”]It is seen that most SEOs[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]It is seen that most SEOs[/tp] obsess about exact match keywords in text anchors. As they say that too much of everything is bad. Hence, if you use too many anchor text links, you can actually be penalized and lose rank. On March 23, Google announced Panda 3.4 update. Here’s what the new update is all about-

Panda 3.4 signaled that too many anchor text links won’t work in the favor of any website. Standard practice used to be: an aim for about a 30% to 50% match. Now those numbers have dropped significantly.

Mistake #2: Few or not enough semantic keyword anchor text links

Learn how to create semantic keywords to overcome the issue of creating too many exact-match anchor text links. A significant reason why you must use semantic keywords is to help Google figure out  the way, in which, you are using your keywords. The moment you will start creating links using semantic keywords, you will see a drastic positive change in the rankings of your website.

Mistake #3: You have limited junk anchors

Another feature in Panda 3.4 was to look for the quantity of junk anchors you have on your website. For those who are not aware, junk anchors are text links that could easily be used anywhere on the web. These links include calls to action such as ‘click here,’ ‘call today,’ ‘buy now,’ etc.

Mistake #4:  Text Links do not have enough brand mention

The best way to get this one right is to link your website’s internal pages to your homepage. In Panda 3.4 algorithm, Google is looking for these types of anchor texts to determine the overall quality of your link building process. Another way of making a good impression is to get outside sites’ links to your website, along with your brand name in the link.

Mistake #5: Limited social signals

If you read more about the latest updates, you will find that Google is trying to depend less on inbound links to determine the value of any website. Today, the major search engine giant has started looking heavily at the number of social signals any page gets. This determines its value and overall rank position. For example: if your article has a significant amount of shares on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook, StumbleUpon, and various other social networking sites, then your page is going to rank better.

Final Thoughts

Above-mentioned are just a few of many significant factors that may help you rank better on Google. While working, always remember that there is absolutely no shortcut to long-term ranking results. For maximum benefits and attain results, it is advisable to change your strategies according to Google’s changing algorithms. It takes time to build useful, relevant and compelling links that impress both – people and major search engines. By focusing on basic things such as creating relevant and original content and providing a quality product or service, you can speed up the process and attain better rankings.

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  1. Excellent post on Dos and Don’ts! However Google has changed the way on giving value to any site by it’s unique and hidden algorithm. Experts are saying that Google is becoming smart and giving additional wattage to those results coming from authority sites. Well, if you have something that make your website authority is one and only one CONTENT! Please share your thought! Thanks

    John Pereless
    Director, Perelesss Software

  2. Hi Emily,
    You had covered all the important things that we should not do to rank in 2015.
    I will take care of all these things.
    Thanks for such a nice article.
    Vinay Kr. Katiyar

  3. Thanks for sharing such an informative blog on this topic. It has really helped me in getting through this topic

  4. Spot on, totally agree. Lately there’s a decrease in how people build their website’s anchor text, and it looks a lot more natural and less artificial.

    For social signals, do you recommend them for all websites or only for local businesses? Thanks

  5. Nice post. Thanks for mentioning these mistakes, which we usually do in link building. Many SEO experts don’t focus on social media links; they greatly impact google ranking.


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