The technology behind running a restaurant in 2015

by Guest Author on October 22, 2015

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candle-in-a-restaurant-1456501-639x852You’ve probably spent several evenings dining in restaurants, but do you know what’s happening behind the scenes as you eat? We all exist in a technological age and restaurants are no exception. From using the latest software to control supplies to developing apps for customers to use, restaurant owners can’t afford not to be tech savvy.

Technology doesn’t just streamline business practices; it’s also integral to sustaining the quality of marketing and the levels of customer satisfaction. We’re going to take a look at why technology plays such an important role in running a restaurant in 2015, and what’s involved.

Managing inventory the high tech way

Gone are the days when monitoring and forecasting inventory was a purely human affair; now restaurant management software is in place to automate inventory, making the whole process more timely and accurate. The team behind Orca Inventory and Ordering have over twenty years of restaurant business experience between them. They know that owning and running a restaurant is far more involved than just producing great food; although that is pretty vital. Orca software can be used for a whole range of activity including:

  • Tracking and controlling inventory.
  • Managing financial transactions.
  • Costing recipes.

All of these tasks are vital for the ongoing survival of a restaurant business. Having Orca software at their fingertips allows restaurant owners to complete them efficiently and seamlessly. Processes are streamlined so owners can spend more of their time making sure you have a great experience next time you visit their restaurant.

Technology and customers

Go anywhere and you will see people walking along texting, talking or updating social media on their phone. We get used to using our phone for everything from booking theater tickets to checking out the weather. It follows that dining experiences should also be included. The National Restaurant Association helps more than 500,000 restaurant owners to achieve the best results for their business. Each year the association conducts research and produces a report on various topics within the restaurant industry. Many of these topics are linked to technology; not just in the actual running of the restaurant, but in providing an excellent service. The association found that:

  • The number of people using apps to choose, and engage with, restaurants is rising.
  • Mobile payment options are increasingly popular.
  • Mobile technology is popular across age groups.
  • People want a combination of the human touch and the increased efficiency that technology brings.

All of this means that behind the scenes restaurant owners are spending more time on developing mobile technology options to engage with customers.

Technology and marketing

You may have found a great new restaurant on Google. That doesn’t happen by accident. Restaurants no longer rely on word of mouth and foot traffic for business; they are part of the online market place. A well designed website is a must have for most restaurants. If used in the right way, it allows for interaction with customers and the provision of information such as menus, so you don’t have to spend half an hour deciding what you want when you get there.

Every aspect of running a restaurant, from ordering to customer engagement and marketing is centered on the use of technology. Any restaurant owner that wants to succeed has to embrace the digital age and use it to their advantage.

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Stefano October 23, 2015 at 06:36

great article for those who will running a restaurant this year or the next, need to know this tech reach your restaurant goals fastly..

Tracking and controlling inventory.
Managing financial transactions.
Costing recipes.
very usefull article


Shahzaib Ahsan October 25, 2015 at 18:36

technology everywhere :/ Nice article.



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