How to Hack-Proof Your iPhone

iphone_hacked_pwn2ownCybercrime has never been more prominent on the global news agenda, yet it can still be shocking just how little people are actually doing to defend themselves from it.

Almost everyone has seen on the TV or read in newspapers about hackers stealing vast quantities of data from big organisations such as Yahoo! and Sony. There is without doubt a broad public understanding of the number of hackers out there and the sophisticated techniques and technologies they can employ.

Smartphones are now the principal way most people get online most of the time. It’s right there in your pocket and you can look at anything online whenever you like, so of course they are. But it seems it is easy to forget that hackers now know this too.

There is also an astonishing level of complacency when it comes to protecting our own data and devices. And nowhere is this more apparent than with our smartphones.

Apple’s iPhone is the most popular smartphone on the market, yet it is perhaps the least defended. There is a belief amongst many people that iPhones and other Apple devices cannot be compromised in the same way that Windows and Android devices can be.

There is some truth in that. Apple’s strict vetting on any software made available for the iPhone does limit the risks of falling victim to cybercrime when using an iPhone, in comparison to other devices. But it is not a perfect system and it does not eliminate the risk altogether.

With the popularity of iPhone’s, and millions of users around the world, it is little wonder that cybercriminals continue to target them. And they are increasingly finding success.

So, what can you do. Well, the answer is comparatively simple. Don’t fall victim to the idea that everything you do on your iPhone is secure. And then take the necessary steps to secure your device. And if you want to know what these are, read on as I share with you my top tips on how to hack-proof Your iPhone.

1. Use a Passcode:

The first rule is the simplest. All iPhone’s can be set up with a passcode to stop anyone who picks it up being able to access it. Use it. As much as cybercriminals do use advanced technologies to compromise your device, many will be just as happy to get hold of it the old fashioned way too.

A passcode makes this significantly harder for them, especially as iOS will only allow a limited number of incorrect passcode attempts before the device is locked.

If you have a more recent iPhone, it is highly recommended that you use the longer six-digit passcode too. A four-digit code can be accessed in a few days with the right technology, but a six-digit code can take even the best hacker months to crack.

2. Use an Anti-Spy Cover

Again, this is a technique to protect against another more traditional type of cybercrime. But more and more people are taking advantage of the convenience an iPhone brings to do online banking and other sensitive processes while out and about.

And this leaves you susceptible to people looking over your shoulder and seeing your personal data. An anti-spy cover protects against this. It works just like a screen protector, but the cover itself is slightly ridged. When looking at the screen directly, it looks the same, but from an angle, nothing on the screen is visible.

Anti-Spy covers therefore keep your data safe from prying eyes.

3. Always update

All software and apps can have bugs in it. And these bugs can make that program and therefore your device susceptible to hackers.

But software developers are always updating their products to fix these bugs and these fixes are sent out to users in the form of updates.

It is therefore vital to always update all of the software on your phone. There are urban myths about software slowing iPhone’s down as a tool for Apple to sell a new product. But there is no truth to this whatsoever.

Updates are vital security patches and all iPhone users should update both their iOS and their apps as soon as one becomes available.

4. Use a VPN:

Using a VPN is perhaps the single most effective tool you can use to protect your iPhone from hackers. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, protects your device by encrypting all of your online traffic.
This means that everything you do online is encoded and protected from hackers and anyone else who might want to access it. Furthermore, a VPN will reroute your online traffic via an external server which will change your IP Address. This renders you completely anonymous online; another useful security trait.

A VPN app is not only handy when it comes to security, but also for your entertainment. You can unlock geo-blocked channels from all around the world, so you won’t miss any episodes of your favorite TV drama, basketball games, or quiz show.

They are the must-have accessory for the privacy conscious internet user. But combining all of these tips should ensure you can use your iPhone with confidence.

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  1. Nice idea. Without programming there is no way for hacking as i know. Do you know any method how i can hack without any programming skill?

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  3. I was using some basic s/w and update the OS quite regularly but wow! I was not aware of VPN and Spy Cover.

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