5 Mobile Phone Developments That Make Your Life Better

mobile-female-woman-touchscreen-iphoneMobile phone development has been huge since the nineties, and they are now almost unrecognizable as being the same technology. This improvement may have slowed down, but advances are still being developed and integrated into the newest phone models, it is just that they are not as ground breaking. So how are phones developing to give us more of the things we want and need? Here are a few ways that your phone is changing for the better.


Mobile phones are not the most solidly constructed things you will ever buy, and owners often need to buy new phones after dropping theirs on the ground, or even after sitting on them. However, even though manufacturers enjoy the public needing to replace a broken handset, they realise that with the amount of money people pay for them, they need to be sturdier. Buyers have no loyalty to manufacturers, so any phone that stands less chance of being broken will have an advantage and new developments in materials used, like the incredible Graphine, are just around the corner. Not that you can’t buy really tough phones already, it is just they are generally dog ugly monsters.


How often do we complain about a battery that has run down? There is no doubt that battery life has improved in mobile phones, but with new developments, apps, and features, our batteries still don’t last long enough. The power bank has been a Godsend for heavy users of smartphones, and is a fantastic development; as is the advances in wireless charging that could see people dispensing with leads. The most significant advance must be StoreDot’s ultra-rapid charger that should be available this year. 30 seconds for a full charge; it is the stuff of dreams.


Yes, I am aware that roaming has been around for decades, but it is a development in Europe that has improved mobile use so much. With the decision of the European parliament to curb roaming charges across Europe, there will be huge savings for users on holiday or for businesses. If you travel outside the Euro zone you will still need to unlock their phones and use a different SIM, but this can be a painless process (click to read more), though you will need to use a different carrier.

The Cloud

As games have become bigger, and people have started watching movies on their mobile devices, the memory available has had to increase along with the need. Unfortunately, not all phones come with the huge amount of gigabytes necessary. Luckily, the cloud has been developed, and can now be used by anybody with a smartphone and the internet to access more memory than will ever be available in the handset itself.

Money Transactions

Electronic transfer of money has been around for a long time, but there are now new ways to pay using your mobile phone. Bitcoin may have failed, but various tap and pay systems are available with mobile devices, and they are flourishing. The idea is fantastic, and allows users of apps like Google Wallet and Samsung Pay to simply pay with a tap of their phone in the direction of the reader. Simple and effective, this could one day replace cards forever.

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