Bring the change, reach out, technology is right at your doorstep

The typical technology setup in most of businesses today is a computer with accounting software or simply a spreadsheet. Business owner’s perception about digitization and automation is limited to basic computations. Today technology is highly critical to any business continuity and competitiveness. Businesses are leveraging the power of process automation and data store to become more efficient and reduce operational cost. Technology help business to predict demand, provide complete visibility of different departments of the business and engage with customers for retention and better experience. Through technology business can reach out to end customer and get meaningful feedback on their products and services. Enterprise applications are now accessible to all business sizes. IT Companies are offering attractive payment models, free base versions or with minimum investment business can experiment or try newer software.


Cloud technology enables business to use software with negligible hardware modification. Integrated enterprise software like ERP and CRM can capture data from different sources and provide analytics and forecast for business. Timely availability of correct information can help business to make faster decision than competition. Business cannot be dependent on one traditional channel of sales. Business earlier enjoyed location advantage or price advantage or access to partner network. Technology has surpassed traditional approach and allowed businesses to flourish from anywhere and virtually. Business can sell online and reach out to a global target market. Technology is disrupting the way business is being conducted across the globe. Everyday new methods are evolving and helping business to do more with fewer resources. Business with technology is adding more and more value in the lives of people. Businesses have become more engaging and caring. Business can have both way communication through social media and invest more wisely on their specific target group. Enterprise software like SAP, Netsuite, Expand ERP, Oracle Apps and many others have changed business approach. Businesses have better visibility of spread out locations, ready resource status, budget control and planning. Every resource of the organization is more connected and accountable to their business. Business can customize their workflow and adopt best practices.

Management can define KPI and KPA for productivity. Since ERP connects all the dots, it has data from all sources and produce effective notifications for action at the appropriate time. Automation of even small tasks that are repetitive in nature can significantly impact productivity. According to a study a person spends on an average 25% of his time in searching documents or managing data across file system. Data loss in organization is 95% of the time is not due to natural disaster. If we identify the needs correctly then by simply adopting easy and user friendly technology like Cloud and ERP business can achieve results manifold. Every resource can save significant time and effort or do more in less time. Thus the conclusion is not to limit ourselves with basic software and bluff ourselves to be updated, rather reach out and be open to change. Adopt newer technology that is easily accessible to all business sizes and become competitive and add value to your customers and society at large.

Guest article written by: Vineet Bansal is a geek in the true sense and loves to write on technology especially cloud erp software He is the owner of Expand ERP, one of the leading erp solution providers in india. Other interests include sports, music and photography.

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  1. Cloud technology definitely enables business to use software with negligible hardware modification. As businesses are flourishing since the arrival of virtual world, newer technologies are to be explored in the future changing the landscape of IT industry.


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