Buying LED Lighted Mirrors: What to Consider

LED bulb
LED bulb

Proper lighting in large or small bathrooms often has a great impact. Lighting functionalities can bring out an atmosphere of relaxation through layers of light or serve to cast an attractive glow on features such as pieces of art in the bathroom. Bathrooms are evolving into small sanctuaries hence the need to reflect the mood and tone using various forms of illumination while allowing one to undertake their daily activities in the bathroom. What exactly does one look out for when buying LED lighted mirrors? Mirrors are ideally bathroom essentials. There are many options to choose from which can be an uphill task is settling on what is best. Well, a variety of factors to consider include:

Style and functionality

The theme of the bathroom often determines the type of mirror chosen. For example, if the style adopted is vintage, using modern illuminated options will seem out of place as it would not effectively bring out the chosen style. Backlit led lighted mirrors can be used to enhance modern styles which add some sophistication and elegance to the bathroom. Contemporary designs and modern décor call for the use of illuminated mirrors. What exactly are you seeking to achieve? Is it elegance, glamour or a modern contemporary style? The lighting must be visually pleasing and deliver its intended function at the same time. Understanding the functionality of the mirrors is also important. Led lighted vanity mirrors are ideal for clarity and are used by those who wish to apply impeccable make-up or shave in front of mirrors. Consider any electrical work that needs to be undertaken before settling for the LED mirrors.

Dimensionality: Size

Settle for the right dimensions based on consideration of the space available. Size largely determines the led vanity mirror that one buys. Standards dictate that the mirror chosen should be as wide as the installed sinks or the vanity unit it is fitted above. However, design standards are changing and adopting new designs includes using wider mirrors than the sinks below it or using extended mirrors for bathrooms to provide a full figure look. It is important to note that the size of the lighted bathroom mirror also determines the amount of light reflected in the room. This means that a larger LED mirror results in a much brighter bathroom as compared to a smaller light up mirror. Space available affects the size of the backlit mirror installed. If one has less wall space to spruce up, one may settle for widths similar to the basin or sink the mirror will sit above.


Placement is based on several considerations. The first aspect to consider is the user of the mirror. If it is to be used by children, then the height options must be adjusted. If it is used by adults, male or female, the best height adjustments must be made to address the needs of everyone through working out a mean height. The second aspect to consider is the reflection of the light from the illuminated lighted mirror. In this case, one has to examine the position of their windows. Furthermore, objects which are likely to cast shadows on the images reflected on the led bathroom lighted mirror based on other forms of lighting used in the bathroom must be identified.

Energy Consumption Levels

Look out for vanity mirrors with lights which use low energy bulbs to save energy. Such bulbs run for a longer time thereby making them cost effective. They are also waterproof and environmentally friendly. LED lighted mirrors do not have any toxins or mercury considered harmful to the environment and one’s health. Our backlit mirrors are designed with the energy saving component in mind which makes them more effective when compared to other lighting options as they consume less electricity which translates to cost savings in payment of energy bills.

Durability and magnification

The glass used in making illuminated mirrors is of a higher quality. Vanity lighted mirrors are thereby more durable compared to standard mirrors. Magnifications also vary hence one must ensure that they choose the appropriate magnification option as the strength of magnification affects reflection. A higher magnification provides a perfect and detailed reflection of an image.

Pattern of lights and number of bulbs

Consider the pattern of lights depending on the desired appeal. LED mirrors come with a variety of designs and light patterns which can enhance the attractiveness of the mirrors. Equally important is the number of LED light bulbs which will be installed in the mirror which affects levels of consumption and the amount of light emitted.

Extra features

LED mirrors, like other household fixtures, can be accompanied by other features aside from merely creating reflections. These impressive features bring in more benefits regarding functionality as they enhance lifestyles. For example, features like digital clocks are beneficial for time keeping and are relevant for people on a tight schedule. Other mirrors are integrated with radios. Another important feature is the existence of rechargeable battery packs which can keep the mirror working before electrical installation is undertaken. Ordinary mirrors tend to fog especially after steamy showers. They get extremely cloudy to the point that one has to wipe off the fog to see their image. Our illuminated mirrors are designed with anti-fog features to ensure that the mirror remains clear giving you a crisp image.

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