What to Expect from Business Technology Trends in the Remainder of 2016

laptop_desk_working_businessThe technology is constantly evolving, even more so over the past decade. The trends are changing and innovations are being presented sometimes even on a daily basis. So what can we expect for the remainder of 2016? Keeping up with latest trends is vital and with this in mind, we present you with top trends to expect in what’s left of the current year.


It seems that the smartphone has been dominant for ages now and this trend is highly unlikely to dwindle any time soon. In 2015, more than half Google searches took place on mobile devices, in comparison to desktops. The number of mobile searches is likely to grow throughout 2016 and even beyond. What does this tell us, however? Well, what this means is that as a company, you should stick to mobile phone technology. Every business should put their mobile users first.

Another aspect of smartphones is the world of apps – making a company website used to be the main focus on a company’s online presence. Nowadays, however, in addition to a website, every serious company owns their own app, well-integrated with the website, for maximum user visits.

Big Data

Big data has been a big cause for huge commotion back in 2015 and has remained so up to this point in 2016, with all likeliness to continue throughout the year and beyond. Big data has made many an HR professional’s life easier, but also has boosted the recruitment process significantly, allowing companies to filter and single out the cream of the workforce. Many other benefits of this phenomenon have seen light and there is no reason not to conclude that big data is here to stay.

Not only is including big data into the way you’re doing business beneficial, but it is slowly becoming a crucial asset for remaining in business – what was once a company not utilizing the benefits of the Internet, is a business not expanding itself into the realm of big data.


With expansion in cloud computing and most companies relying on their online presence, security threats have increased in volume. There’s a hacker out there aiming at new startups who do not really excel at security measures. In fact, in addition to hackers looking to get you online, there are real life physical security threats of criminals posing as employees, looking to hack into a company terminal.

The rise in popularity of the access card system is there for a reason – you can never be too careful these days. Making sure that each employee is equipped with an access card is vital and proper introduction into these should take place for any office, regardless of the field a business specializes in.

Mobile Cloud Computing

Mobile Cloud Computing, or MMC will likely become dominant very soon, especially when it comes to mobile initiatives and mobile productivity enhancement, which are both more than trending. Providing real-time access to company resources from anywhere at any time has made doing business a whole-lot easier. Complexity, data storage and computing has been removed from the mobile device and is handled by the cloud provider – this has made the whole process quicker, cheaper and easier. This brings upon increased productivity, improved field service operations and higher general employee satisfaction. Mobile Cloud Computing is here to stay as long as the smartphone is trending; and rest assured, the smartphone isn’t going anywhere.

There you have it, some business technology trends to expect throughout the remainder of 2016. Of course, most of the mentioned are more than likely to grow even further and stay well beyond the current fiscal year. Make sure that your company engages into all of these, if it already hasn’t.

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