Three Common Business Problems that Bespoke Apps Can Solve

by Emily on March 25, 2016

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Apps are having a huge impact when it comes to improving the way companies work, whilst also opening up new sales channels. As a business owner or manager, you’ll probably be all too aware of the struggle with old fashioned and restrictive ways of working, not to mention a lack of effective ways to reach and engage with your customers. Apps can help you to solve all of these issues, providing you with helpful solutions such as opportunities for remote working, tracking, adding flexibility and replacing paper. Apps can also help you to open more lines of communication with your customers, especially with more and more people ditching computers in favour of smartphone and tablet devices.

Photo by Stuart Miles at

Photo by Stuart Miles at

Reduced Costs

Any savvy business owner will want to keep costs as low as possible, and with bespoke mobile applications you can do just that. Having an app developed which allows more of your employees to work remotely allows you to reduce your overhead costs drastically, as you’ll have less need to pay for office space, workstations and other necessities needed when you provide a work environment for your employees. Before the introduction of apps, it was difficult for employers to allow their workers to telecommute, but now you have the means to allow your employees the flexibility to complete work efficiently, no matter where they are. Outside of the office, apps give your employees the information that they need right at their fingertips – resulting in happier employees, more efficient processes, and satisfied customers.

Better Customer Service

It’s really important to care about your customers. Since the customer is at the heart of every business, making sure that you pull out all the stops to keep them happy should be right up there at the top of your priority list. Mobile apps can help you to do exactly that – as mentioned earlier, more and more customers are using smartphones and tablets instead of computers – and who can blame them, when pulling your phone out of your pocket is so much easier than loading a PC up? Having an app which connects you to your customers means that you can potentially increase loyalty and generate sales as soon as you pop into your customer’s mind, no matter where they’re located. Providing customers with an app also makes sure that you’re giving them the best possible experience – there’s no need to fiddle around on an annoying smartphone browser to access the information that they need.

Internal Issues

More and more businesses are realising the potential of using apps to solve internal business issues rather than paperwork or standard desktop applications. In general, people prefer using their mobile devices to get things done as it’s a more convenient and portable method. For example, you could consider using apps to focus on training in the workplace – this gives your employees the flexibility to complete the training in their own time and at home if they wish, rather than limiting them to using company computers or being faced with a stack of paperwork.

Your business can benefit hugely from bespoke mobile apps! Do not hesitate to ask questions to the leading mobile app developers to discover more. We at Magora are ready to back you up!

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