Why You Need to Be Using Content Marketing

marketing_chart_increase_successLet’s be honest. With so many changes in Google and Bing’s requirements, it can sometimes make you want to throw your hands up in despair and just get along using your own traditional marketing tactics. That’s understandable.

With Google’s upgrades, crawls and algorithm more unpredictable than a British summer, you may be burnt out on what the requirements of the day are. But instead of falling back on the same campaigns and tools time and again, try optimizing your SEO blog and consulting with a content marketing expert like BrightEdge. Here’s why:

Traditional Advertising Doesn’t Cut it Anymore
With so many messages reaching the consumer these days, from television commercials to flyers through the letterbox; billboards to radio spots; you have to work harder and harder (and invest more and more) in making sure your message is received.

Whether you’re a small one-man (or woman) show, or a large corporation, traditional advertising is expensive, hard to track and quantify ROI and, quite frankly, often a waste of money, if not carried out with exact precision and planning.

While there may be channels that work for your business, remember that you need to be thinking about attracting new clients. So if you pay for a spot in a local magazine every month, your exposure is going to be pretty limited.

With more and more transactions taking place online and an estimated 81% of Americans conducting online research before making a purchase, you should be thinking seriously about growing your online presence.

Starting up and regularly updating your site with engaging and educational content is an excellent way of using SEO techniques to interact with your customers and drive traffic to your site. Content marketing will also feed your traditional advertising.

Content Marketing Greatly Improves Your SEO

If you’ve ever asked yourself, what is seo, then you’re not alone and www.brightedge.com believes that content is factored into Google’s algorithm. Search engines are getting smarter and smarter these days. It’s no longer enough (in fact it’s actively penalized) to fill your content with keywords in an effort to drive more traffic. If your content is stuffed with keywords, not only will it read like a nightmare, but it will higher your bounce rate as well (one of Google’s metrics).

Careful use of SEO in your content marketing, such as on-page optimization, optimized Meta data, and creating content for your blog that will be sharable on social media and generate viral distribution will improve your rankings and position your business as an authority in your area. You will also create trust and leave consumers hungry for more information.

Content Marketing Produces Excellent ROI

A well-written article or beautifully produced video or infographic will continue to get read and watched indefinitely. This is known as evergreen content, because it is content that stays as fresh and relevant to readers today as the day it was written.

Content marketing has the ability to keep on generating leads long after an article is published. So weigh up the time and investment in writing one article against the cost of a magazine or newspaper spot and content marketing comes up trumps every time.

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