These Gadgets Will Help You Run Your Warehouse

If you’re in any kind of retailing business it’s imperative that you run an efficient warehouse. Any delays or missed shipping could really hurt your reputation. There are also other issues to worry about – shrinkage being the most common one, but security in general as well. Luckily tending to your warehouse is no longer a solitary night job. Technology can help as usual.

Here’s a list of gadgets that will help you run a tight ship in your warehouse and lighten the workload for your employees.


Warehousing Management Systems (WMS)

WMS is a software application that helps you run the day to day operations of your warehouse. Basically it’s the brains of your operation. It allows you to track inventory and stock location in a centralized and easy manner. It could be a standalone application or a part of a larger resource planning software (this kind of software deals with all of your resources, from money to employees). High end WMS-s can track your good even beyond the warehouse, so you can rest assured that they end up in the hands of your customers.

Scanning devices

Barcode scanners are used to locate inventory, pick inventory when it’s needed and periodically count all the goods you have at your disposal. Scanners provide you with the interface with which you can collect and receive orders. This makes the whole process more productive and efficient than it could be with using paper. Most important thing you should think about when getting these devices is how long their range is. Wireless data capture will save you a lot of walking around and looking for things. This is especially important if you’re dealing with smaller product, which are sometime harder to see or reach.

Pick to light and put to light

This simple, but effective tool can boost the productivity in both ordinary and mobile storage facilities. Easily visible lights are located on the storage slots. They indicate where is the next item that needs to be picked up. The display also indicates the number of items that need to be picked up.  The same goes for the “put-to” lights. They show the employees where the next item should go and how many have left. This process simplifies work, allow managers to organize store room from the far and minimize the possibility of theft.

Smart watches

This is one of those new gadgets that you either really like or really hate. Either way it can be pretty useful in warehouse setting. It’s small, compact, easy to wear and set up and it can be used to give all kind of information to the employees. They can obviously respond right away in a similar fashion. The locator functions can also help with getting around a large warehouse. And lastly it tracks vital functions, like heartbeat and the number of steps you took, so everyone can stay safe and managers can know what tasks are particularly hard on the employees.

Voice picking systems

Voice picking or pick by voice technology improves distribution center operations in all industries. The employees get a head set, which is used to direct them around the large warehouses. This increases productivity up to 90 percent. The errors are decreased by 25. Voice picking technology is combined with e mails and barcode readers to make the process as automated as possible. It’s also a safer method, because it doesn’t require the employees to look at monitors while they’re walking around dangerous materials.

Retailers are experiencing a boom during the holidays, so the warehouses need to be packed and buzzing. These gadgets are making it easy to create a productive working environment.

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