How hotel companies can promote their accommodation with great email marketing

Creating a successful business has moved on from word of mouth and now relies on a top online presence. This could be through targeted advertising or social media, as well as the superb tool of email marketing. This is a very cost-effective way of advertising a residence to travellers that can increase direct bookings and help raise profits. There are certain methods tourists can use to entice travellers to a hotel including sending emails during peak holiday periods. Travellers are more likely to search for rooms just before it gets busy. Hotel firms should send emails at this point that are tailored to the holidays and special promotions.

Hotel companies should definitely target repeat guests to get them to stay loyal to the firm’s accommodations. Travellers want to be enticed to stay so if they received an email offering a special package deal they would be very happy to visit. Businesses could also offer a reward program that only benefits the tourists if they book in the near future. A great tip for hotel firms is that customer data is very important as it provides an insight into the guest so that they can learn more about them. Crucially visitors also provide their email address to the hotel company so staff members can get in touch with them to offers promotions and deals.


An effective strategy for email marketing for hotels is needed to get ahead and beat rivals in this highly competitive industry. Hotel companies must send confirmation emails to let travellers know their reservation has been booked. Tourists should also get an email after they leave the hotel saying thank you for staying at the residence. They should also be asked about improvements that can be made to the accommodation, and to describe whether they enjoyed their stay. What is also important is that emails must be sent on days where companies think their audience will be more likely to read the message.

Research has shown that the highest click-through rate (CTR), which is when tourists click onto the website, is usually on a Friday. Emails that are sent on a Monday are more likely to generate revenue, but it can be different for each company. It is therefore very important to experiment and find out when it is the best time to send emails to customers. Having a short and to the point subject line is vital to getting through to guests and the email should be engaging. Travellers adore having incentives to stay at a residence including vouchers, discounts or the opportunity to win a prize, which should all raise hotel bookings and profits.

The qualified experts at Booking Direct can help businesses create the strategy for great email marketing. This leading hotel marketing company has the knowledge and the skills to ensure a hotel business is very successful. Hotel firms will then see a rise in web traffic to their site which will definitely mean an increase in bookings and revenues. They will help to generate a subscription list and will help draft the emails to ensure they use the right language to attract customers. They will be able to allure travellers from the moment they read the subject line of the email, and then successfully get them to head to the website.

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