Pet Games – Digital Ways to Entertain Your Beloved Creature

I doubt that there’s a single smartphone user that doesn’t indulge in games on their mobile device – addictive and fun these aren’t easily avoidable. In recent years, a new trend of pet games has been introduced, which provides fun both for you, as well as your favorite animal. These games vary in types but are all entertaining experiences that both of you will adore. Here are a couple examples.

Games for Cats

Despite the name, this one isn’t designed solely for cats. However, no cat can resist chasing a red dot, quite similar to that of a laser light. Despite this, I’ve met many dogs that are more than entertained by this game, especially small ones, such as pugs and terriers. Careful, though, your cat might scratch your iPad if you don’t pay attention.

Games for Dogs

Most games are aimed at both cats and dogs, but this one is solely aimed at the latter. This game is light-based, so if you are a proud owner of a dog that sits in front of your TV screen, tongue out, drooling all over the floor, your beloved pet will fall in love with this game. Even as it loads, the game draws your pet in with entertaining lights. Once it’s loaded, the goal is to earn points by hitting the screen with their tongue, nose or paw. Each point is rewarded with a sound, designed to further stimulate their senses and excite them. Naturally, the screen also supports human touch, so you can play this game with your dog, which is a unique opportunity to bond with your pet, which is beneficial for both of you.

Happy Wings

This game is aimed at cats, but is definitely preferred by dogs. Happy Wings has several flying creatures that make noise in order to grab your pet’s attention. My dog loves this one. Nothing is more satisfying to Germ (I know this sounds weird, but my pug loves her name) than smacking the screen in order to catch a screaming creature.

My cat remained interestingly not amazed by the whole concept, which is kind of weird, given the fact that Joe (I’m not that great at giving pet names, I know) lurks on my windowsills spitefully looking at each bird that flies by on the outside. However, the game didn’t seem to entertain Joe, but this is probably because he’s a clever cat, that one.

Cat Fishing

This is an interesting one; well, at least for your pet, that is. In this game, your pet (cats tend to prefer this one) has 25 seconds to “catch” fish on the screen. At the first level, there is only one fish, two on the second and growing further exponentially. Each time your pet hits a fish a bubble sound in the background is triggered, which will definitely be interesting to your pet. The only trouble with this game is that it is just too realistic – your pet will likely think that there indeed are fish behind or within your iPad, which is kind of cute the first time you show them this game, but does tend to frustrate your beloved creature.

Don’t Overdo It

Games are great and games are fun, but just as it is the case with humans, games tend to pull the pets away from reality. Make sure you pay attention to your pet’s needs – they’ll need a real-life experience, when it comes to playing around; check Stefmar, for example, which has a wide range of interesting products for your pet. Don’t forget to take your dog out for a walk on a daily basis – games aren’t a replacement for real-life playtime.

The trend of pet games is becoming increasingly more popular with each passing day. These apps are great source of fun, for both your pet and yourself. Keep in mind, however, that taking your pet outside is crucial and that you should limit their play time – keep them entertained, but also make sure that they are as healthy as possible.

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