Top 10 Essential Skills For Full-Stack Dvelopers’ Employment

html_web_developmentUp until the recent years, to get a perfectly functioning website needed a web designer and a web developer. In the present times, there are over 24 different specific job titles for web developers. Among the job titles is full-stack web developer. So who exactly is a full stack web developer? A full stack web developer is a jack of all trades but a master of one. This is a web developer who is in a position to work cross-functionally on the full stack of technology. This includes the front end as well as the back end. For those aspiring to get into this field, you are needed to have the following skills;

1. Server, Network and Hosting Environments

When the forte of a full stack developer is in the back end, it is important to understand basic server side scripting and the art of providing dynamic responses to client responses. There is no dearth of server side languages to learn, however, Ruby, Java and Python are the common ones that developers go by.

2. Ability to Create, Query and Manipulate Databases

You cannot proclaim to be a full stack web developer if you have issues with creating, querying and manipulating databases. There is an array of databases to select from, ranging from MySQL to Oracle. The type of project you are working on will determine which database to learn. A database that has been hosted will save a full stack developer the time as well as effort that come with managing the database.

3. UI/UX

A website or mobile application that is intuitive and aesthetic is most certainly user friendly. A full stack developer with proficiency in front end should be in a position to write consistent and maintainable codes that translates to a hassle free user experience that has no eyesores and unnecessary clicks. A strong understanding of JavaScript will also be helpful in the long-run as it is increasingly becoming a preferred choice for scripting language.

4. Business Acumen and Project Management

Apart from the technical skills, a full stack web developer must be in a position to bind together different teams together. A full stack developer should be aware of the business dynamics that they operate in. This is to say that they should deeply understand the needs of the customer and make the understanding the driving force behind the design of the product.

5. Understand Systems Infrastructure

A full stack developer should be in a position to work with systems infrastructure with ease. This includes knowing the type of hardware to ask for, which operating system to install, how to prepare the systems and the dependencies for all software.

6. Design

He or she should understand what is possible and what is not to create with the constraints of HTML/CSS/ Javascript and transform the design accordingly.

7. User Interface

A full stack developer should understand how to create a readable layout or realize that he or she needs to help from artists and graphic designers. All in all, coming up with a good visual design is vital.

8. Data Modeling

If the data model fails to work, the business logic and higher layers start to require strange codes to compensate for corner cases the data model does not cover. A full stack developer knows how to come up with a normalized relational model with foreign keys, look up tables, indexes etc.

9. Perfect Writing

This skill is equally important just as the technical ones are. A full stack developer with terrible writing skills is bad news in this field. Search for some reviews of companies that will help you improve your writing or just heck out some of the tools that can help you up your writing skills:

  • Twords – this tool helps content writers commit to writing consistently.
  • ZenPen – this web app helps writers blog out all the distractions and concentrate on their writing.
  • Prompts – this tool uses an algorithm to come up with suggestions for what you should write next, track stats about your writing and can as well remind you to write regularly if you permit it.

10. User Experience

A great full stack developer understands that users only want things to happen and work. He or she writes useful error messages.

Like any other programming work, soft skills are a must to the overall personality of a developer. Strong communication is a must to help get rid of the information gaps existing between the front and back end so that they build a product that they will love. Being a full stack developer is all about having an open mind towards new technologies and understanding how a web application is conceptualized to its finished product. So if you are thinking of joining the club, now you know exactly what need up your sleeves.

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