What next for the casino industry?

by Emily on October 7, 2016

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There are few activities that can conjure up as much excitement or glamour as the casino games of poker and roulette. But despite the long and illustrious history of these table games, they’ve experienced a remarkable transformation over the past decade thanks to the digital revolution that’s helped bring these exclusive games into every home.


Although these games are undeniably popular, there still many issues to overcome before this vibrant new industry settles into maturity. With confusion over government legislation and increased competition within the marketplace, it’s clear that just the like the games of online poker, it’s tough to see the outcome of this increasingly complicated situation.

It’s how governments have tried to regulate the adult-orientated realm of gambling whilst allowing the hugely profitable industry to thrive that is the most pressing issue in 2016. Despite well-intentioned initiatives such as the new regulatory system in the UK, it’s clear that it’s individuals who decide for themselves whether they want to play or stay away.

And with the rise of online casinos now being able to operate across national borders with much greater ease, the question of how to adequately police and tax such operations is one that’s still yet to be answered.

Despite these concerns, there are signs that the leading brands in the online casino realm are taking every effort to police themselves to ensure the safety of their customers and the health of the marketplace.

This year has already seen several high-profile mergers within the UK with the likes of Paddy Power and Betfair joining forces to gain a greater share of the market. And with other big brands like Coral and Ladbrokes reportedly in the midst of a proposed merger, it’s clear that that this is a market that’s in a state of a real flux.

But it’s the technological and promotional developments of the casino games that are causing a realm boom in the industry. With the big prizes and innovative promotions matching the swift and eye-catching graphics of the online poker games encouraging all to get involved at the Coral gaming site, there’s evidence that the casino industry is enjoying just as much popularity as video games in general.

And with the video games market expected to hit $99.6 billion this year, it’s clear that whether we’re playing classic arcade games, the latest augmented reality hit, or just a relaxed game of online poker, gaming is only going to get bigger and better.

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