Latest Trends Of Internet Marketing In 2016


Internet marketing is evolving quickly. Each year is bringing new software, hardware and new preferences. In order for internet marketing to be successful, companies need to be updated on latest trends. The market is for those who can identify the less investing resources as compared to the huge investment resources. They definitely have an added advantage over their competitors in reaching the new markets and further establishing their reputation and expertise. That’s you time to hit the nail on the head! Don’t wait about adopting new strategies otherwise you will miss out the full benefit of the opportunities.

We hope to see seven latest trends in 2016 that gearing up to take the online marketing to the next level.

Video Ads:

They are going to dominate in 2016 as Facebook and Bing have started offering the video options to the advertisers. More importantly, Google has included video contents in its search engine algorithm.

Apps Outbreak:

Google has started changing its algorithm by using indexed apps as a factor in search rankings. Since then, app indexing has dropped out the app content. Business owners are catching up slowly on these apps because of their responsiveness and they are convenient too.

Mobile’s Triumph:

Mobile is continuously eclipsing the desktop usage in 2016. It is because of the Google’s decision to include a site’s mobile-friendliness in its search engine rankings. On the other side the desktop traffic won’t disappear completely, Google is obviously anticipating that mobile traffic will dominate. This year, more people used mobile search than web search in different countries.

Optimization Strategies:

SEO and PPC have been mostly relied upon strategies in the past but now, digital assistants such as Siri and Cortana can be optimized to answer customer’s questions. In the coming year more customers would be looking for the digital assistants rather than simply listing the information on the web.

Origin Of Virtual Reality:

There are dozens of devices which are scheduled to use the virtual reality in the next couple of years. Some are specific for applications like video games, while others are general such as Oculus Rift, it is the most highly anticipated virtual reality head-mounted display headset launched in the first quarter of 2016. The advantage would be these devices will usher in an entirely new form of online advertising which will connect popular social media platforms, video channels and direct messaging.

Wearable Technology Trend:

The wearables are gaining momentum in 2016. The Apple Watch, a smart watch from the first generation, was released this year and competitor watches are launching soon. It has been expected that the consumer uptake for the smart watches will grow 35 percent per year between 2016 and 2019.

Guest article written by: Sheraz saleem ghouri is an upcoming article writer. He is an engineer and a business graduate. Presently, he is a senior O level teacher and a student counselor at a very renowned institution. He is interested in education, events and management writings. You may contact him on the below address: [email protected]

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