How to recover corrupt encrypted Outlook attachments?

iphone-mail-app-logo-emailTo save email attachments from hackers, users often encrypt their Outlook attachments. Outlook attachments may contain personal information or professional data, which can be easily intercepted by professional hackers if no password or encryption has been imposed on them while receiving or sending Outlook emails.

Hackers may take advantage of user detail in any way and may create complication personally or professionally. Sensitive data like credit card numbers, banking passwords and such other information should always be sent in encrypted form as they can cost extreme level.

Microsoft avails facility to encrypt Outlook email messages if they carry sensitive information regarding user. Either user can utilize this facility to encrypt single message or all outgoing messages depending on the kind of communication user holds on day-to-day basis. In encryption of email messages, the Outlook attachments get automatically encrypted along with them.

Due to this association of emails and attachments when somehow, encrypted emails get corrupted, Outlook attachments also turn corrupt consequently. To recover corrupted Outlook data scanpst.exe is availed by Microsoft, but this inbuilt tool doesn’t ensures recovery of encrypted email or outlook attachments. In this case, user should look for potential third party Outlook email and attachment recovery program. Most of the available softwares claim recovery encrypted attachments but do not prove to be useful, as it is not easy to recover encrypted files. Only professional Outlook recovery solutions can resolve this issue effectively.

Kernel for Outlook PST repair is one such software that can help user in this regard. Its advanced recovery mechanism recovers all types of encrypted Outlook attachments irrespective of format. The software ensures that the integrity of the original encrypted files remains unharmed. This Outlook attachment recovery program possesses various useful functionalities like PST recovery, PST restoration in different format at web-based locations etc. Encrypted Outlook attachment recovery is one of its key features. It’s a complete solution for all the problems related MS Outlook. It follows simple procedure to carry out the recovery of encrypted files.

The interface of the software is user friendly, therefore any user can execute the recovery process without any hassle. The process of recovery involves following steps:

  1. Download the software exe and run on your system.
  2. The software will prompt a Source file selection window. Browse the file if location of encrypted file is known or else use search option to locate it in the system. After defining the path of file, click next to proceed ahead.
  3. Select Recovery mode window will be displayed on the screen. Select the required mode and click Finish button to start the recovery process of encrypted Outlook attachment file.
  4. After recovering the encrypted Outlook attachment file, the software will enlist its elements in hierarchical manner. User can select preview these items using Preview option.
  5. Click Save button to restore the Outlook attachment file. The software will prompt Select Output type window. Choose the desired format and destination and click OK.
  6. The software will start saving the encrypted Outlook attachment file and will consequently display successful saving message on screen.

User can now access the recovered encrypted Outlook attachment to obtain required data from it devoid of any complication.

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