Why People Use Spy Apps?

spySpy applications have earned themselves a notorious name in the market because of the way its use has been exploited by nefarious people time and again. Then, courtesy of the print media and television, the name “spy applications” is becoming synonymous with “ways for people to stalk you”. Yet, nobody seems to understand that not even a knife was made with the intention to be used as a weapon to kill someone. The inventor of a knife made it to hunt for his family and protect them. It was those people with a vendetta that manipulated the use of a knife to kill innocents. Nobody seems to blame the person wielding the knife for turning the use of something incredibly useful to a murder weapon. The same has been done to spy applications. Let’s explore the reasons for its invention.

What are Spy Applications?

Spy applications were created as a way to keep an eye on people with an incriminating past to make sure that they are not dabbling in what they once claimed to have left behind a long time ago. They were created with an intention to catch criminals and help the victims get justice. Initially, they were a part of phone surveillance methods employed by police and similar agencies, but now their use have been commercialized due to their demand, courtesy of the evolution of technology and the social media.

Who Uses Spy Applications?

Earlier, this technology was only in the possession of intelligence agencies and police forces who used in to ensure the safety and security of the nation. But as said earlier, due to the commercialization of this product by private agencies and due to its high demand in the private sector. This product is now also used by:

  • Parents
  • Business Owners
  • Spouses
  • Stalkers

Why do they use it?


According to many studies, more than 40% of users of spy applications happen to be parents. Parents use spy applications to keep an eye on their children. Children are indeed the future of the nation and parents invests countless amounts of dollar every year to make sure that they are looked after and have everything that they need. Therefore, what kind of parents would they be if they wouldn’t keep an eye on their children as they navigate their way through the perilous trenches of the cyberspace.

Business Owners

Other the parents, spy applications are mostly used by business owners and employers who want to keep their employees in line. Whether they have an in-house workforce at their disposal or a mobile one, investing in spy applications is in their best interest because:

  • It can help them keep an eye on company hardware.
  • It can help you increase work productivity of your business and your employee.
  • It can help you contain internet abuse in a workspace.
  • It can prevent co-worker stalking at bay and help you keep your employees safe.
  • It can also help you keep an eye on mobile workforce and ensure that they are exactly where they are supposed to be.


Most partners and spouses use spy applications to keep an eye on their spouses and to make sure that they are not cheating on them as they suspect them to. It is a way to make sure that what they think is true and they may not leap the gun by speaking too soon and acting rashly, consequently losing all that they have with their other half. This can also help them mend a relationship where both or one of them is drifting apart.


Use of spy applications has helped countless people till date. The spy app industry has seen a 400% hike in its demand in last year alone, mostly by worried parents and business owners. Yet, all this good is accompanied by some bad too. Stalkers too use spy applications for their own nefarious reasons. They manipulate its use to stalk people they are not authorized to spy on under any circumstances. What they do is not only unethical but immoral in many ways as well.

The Bottom Line

Spy applications happen to be a great invention with countless benefits of all kinds. The hike in its use and the rise in its demand in the last couple of years or so is self explanatory in its own way.

Guest article written by: Angelica Dowson a blogger by profession, an author significantly contributes towards mobile security, working for phone spy app for android. If you want to know more about her you can follow her on twitter @angelicadowson27

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