7 top trending iOS app development trends from 2017

2017 is almost over bringing along the most advanced technologies. One of the most inclusive transformation is the iOS app development. The year 2017 brought revolution in the field of app development after the latest release of iOS 11 with AR built in apps, revamped Appstore, iBeacon technology etc. These trends brought convenience to the iPhone users in multiple ways. Here is a list of 7 top trending app development trends.

1. Arrival or Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has arrived making a headway through iOS development, increasingly using GPS technology to offer great services to the users. It has brought storm in the mobile industry in the field of app gaming industry allowing users to experience advanced 3D gaming app development. The arrival of AR is making the user experience engaging. In addition, virtual reality will also gain prominence till the end of 2017.

2. GPS and iBeacon tech

The latest iBeacon tech has been a great entrance for businesses to make marketing strategies. Businesses have been using iBeacon technology for their marketing efforts and sending messages to their targeted audience. The GPs tech offers location support and lets business to provide services as per their location based preference. The iBeacon and GPS technology is integrated in household appliances and are being integrated in kitchen appliances, washing machine, automobiles and much more.

3. IOT Apps

With iBeacon and augmented reality, Apple showed us how it’s emerging in the world of IoT. Many companies have started to invent in IoT. Their aim is to is to develop value added apps by making the best out of Internet of things. Developers are taking benefit of IoT and making inter-connected smart devices and linking it with Apple devices.

4. Security

People depend on their mobile devices for performing tasks when managing their home, shopping, banking and financing and much more. Apple has started to provide more space in this regard, also keeping in mind the security which is a main concern. With the increased reliance of the users on their smartphones for storing their personal and private information, security will always be the chief concern.

5. Swift 3.0 Programming Language

Since the introduction, Swift programming language has become open source. App developers have eagerly adopted as it’s easy to use and navigation is easy and can be utilized to create advanced applications.

6. IOS for Enterprise Apps

Apple offers multiple benefits of choosing iOS for enterprise and makes it beneficial for them in marketing and commercial purpose. After the introduction of iBeacon technology, Apple devices are likely to grab users’ attention as it makes it easy for iPad tables to connect easily.

7. Cloud based Apps

Most of the users love to access mobile apps across various devices, smart sync using cloud integration is needed. With cloud integration, the developers can decrease the app size, footprints and boost storage capacity. These apps are supposed to benefit business to handle their data over numerous platforms.

The above trends of 2017 are implemented at a fast pace and iPhone developers are adopting them thus you should stay up to date with the top trending trends emerging that will surely help you to stand out in the high competitive development world.

Guest article written by: Samuel D’Souza is an accomplished Digital Marketing Specialist and possesses the experience of working with some of the best digital brands worldwide. Besides his regular job, Samuel is also well-versed in writing top-notch blogs on, for example, IPhone app development in Singapore, and other technology and digital marketing cultures with the aim to keep the industry professionals updated with the trendiest practices.

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