3 Proven Skill Set of Today’s Successful Content Writers

You may be one of those who dreamt of having writing as a living, but whether you admit it or not, not everyone dreams of becoming a writer someday. Some writers are only writing for the sake of earning money. Some are working just to give out reviews for a product of a particular company.

While content writers are successful in the field have a desirable life – hugely compensated, works in the comfort of their home, and works on their schedule – it’s undeniable that majority of the content writers all over the globe have their difficulties in making money online and making it their living.

These people are those who lack the skills needed to achieve success. Because the sad truth is no matter how skilled and talented a writer is, the talent to write is simply just not enough. So, if you’re looking to be successful in this field, you need to have a whole bunch of marketing skills. And here are some of those:

1. You need to master different writing styles

Everything online has its personal writing style. You need to learn how to write and deliver in AP style when you’re writing about news. In other words, you need to write paragraphs which are informational, and the heart of the story should be at the top.

On the other hand, when it comes to blogging, it’s something more personal, should have a friendly tone, and most of the time, opinionated. In writing an Ad, it should be something persuasive.

One tip for you to be more valuable online is to learn the basics of seo management. You would need to answer the questions, “What is SEO management?” and “What are the effects of an effective SEO management?” By this, you will be able to know how to position yourself in the noisy and crowded world of online marketing.

2. You need to be an expert in social media

Your name is everything. As a writer, social media provides you whatever you need. Build your readers, meet some publishers, and build a network of people with the same goals with you.

When you made a way to publish your articles online, then the fun has just begun. The more you spend time building your name in social media, the more people will be able to recommend your work.

As what is in the paragraph above, it would also be great to learn the basics of SEO task management as this will aid you in making your name a talk of the town.

3. You need to be unique

For you to build your reputation, you have to be unique. Every article, press release, or anything that contains your name should be original.

You may find it insane because tons of people worldwide are thinking of the same topic ideas, the same niche as you but believe me, it’s easy. Try personalizing your tone, create a different perspective and voice out a new opinion.


There is no such thing as a sure-fire formula for ensuring your success in the world of writing. You need to be a marketing specialist, an SEO expert, a social media expert and most importantly, a content writing butterfly for an article writing and SEO management company to notice you.

Just like any other jobs in the world, being a writer has its set of pros and cons. However, with the right group of skills, you can ace any writing job offer and can make sure that you’re of high-quality. That alone is your edge towards your competitors.

Guest article written by: Patrick Panuncillon is the passionate president and CEO of LinkVista Digital Inc. An SEO company based in the Philippines helping several clients across the world by using up-to-date techniques in SEO management.

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