4 Latest E-commerce Trends That Are Changing the Game

There is no denying the fact that the industry of E-commerce has been growing at a very fast pace!

In recent years, there has been a whopping increase in the number of e-commerce stores. Being an internet user, you yourself can back this statement.

Whenever you log in to your Facebook account, there are several ads waiting for you on your news feed, selling products. Such ads belong to one e-commerce store or other.

And a similar scenario follows even when you’re using Google. As you search for something, various e-commerce vendors selling the product are displayed in the top search results.

A number of small businesses and startups prefer to own an e-commerce store, over the traditional brick-and-mortar stores. This why there has been a great demand for e-commerce website development and e-commerce website maintenance services.

We know, that the increasing usability of the internet has led to such a huge success of online shopping! But do you think that is all that brought laurels to this sector?

Of course not! The e-commerce industry, just like any other industry, is growing every day and that is not a surprise.

The surprise is the patterns of change that this industry is following since years. A hell lot of different trends have been witnessed in the e-commerce market, ever since e-commerce came into being.

If you own an e-commerce business, you MUST adapt your strategies as per these trends. Let’s have a look at some of latest e-commerce trends:

1. The Advent Of Mobile Apps

According to a recent survey, mobile e-commerce has increased its worth to $3.2 trillion while in 2013, the worth was $1.5 trillion. So, what’s that? A gigantic increase of 213%!

Such a whopping success is the result of a very smart idea – the idea of introducing a mobile app for an e-commerce store!

It is obvious to have a website with better UX/UI, for your e-commerce store, and that can be availed with the help of specialized e-commerce website maintenance services.

However, there is another thing to focus, too.

For better digital marketing, you must have often come across one advice that almost every tech-head gives – adopt mobile-optimization! Well, it has a very valid reason behind it.

Your audience is highly active on their smartphones, and when I say highly, I literally mean it!

With such a great usage of the internet by your users through mobile phones, it is essential for any e-commerce store to be mobile-optimized. And the best way to do that is to have a mobile app.

Mobile apps are convenient, within the reach of your prospects, and the best way to promote conversions.

So, why take a chance? Get your e-commerce mobile app today!

2. Personalized Customer Experience

If you happen to own an e-commerce store, you must be familiar with the concept of personalized email marketing!

Yes, the emails that you send to your customers or prospects addressing them by their names.

The concept might not be new, but it has evolved to become the most important strategy for your business to excel. The name of this evolution is – dynamic content!

As soon as a user visits an e-commerce website, signing in with their username, the whole website transforms as per their name, behavior, last activities, last purchases, interests, and what not!

The e-commerce stores of today know the deal of revolving their world around their customers, giving them a personalized experience, and making them feel special to boost their conversions!

If you’re not doing it for your customers yet, start today! You can hire the experts for maintenance support services of your website.

3. ASAP Shipping of Products

With services like Amazon Prime, the expectations of the e-commerce customers have boosted manifolds.

Why would a customer wait 4-5 days to get a product delivered to them, when they can get it within a few hours?

The demand of your customers to get the products delivered to them as fast as they would get from any retail store is another chance for the e-commerce stores to beat the brick-and-mortar stores!

The customers of today, have forgotten how to wait because they get the services delivered to them within the blink of an eye!

And to rub shoulders with the leading e-commerce stores, you need to fall into their footsteps,

It’s not that such a delivery is mission impossible to you! With the right research and techniques, you can do it! Amazon is doing is, so why not you?

In case you need an expert help, you can always choose the expert e-commerce website maintenance services.

It might add a lot to your cost to promise the fastest delivery options, but if you give it a try, you will surely see your e-commerce business gaining a much faster pace of growth!

4. Use of Chatbots

Chatbots are the next big thing in the e-commerce industry.

Not only in the e-commerce, but with every other website, you will see Chatbots installed on the landing pages.

Why is a majority of people doing it? Because it adds to the convenience of your customers.

It is a fact that a confused customer never makes a purchase!

If your customer is confused about your product, it’s your job to deliver the apt information to them. This is what the Chatbots do for you.

These chat options let your customers get their queries answered at a faster pace and thus, enhance your help desk services.

With the help of Chatbots, customer loyalty and the credibility of your e-commerce store increases which can ultimately lead to more and more conversions.

To get the chat option for your e-commerce website, you can choose the professional maintenance support services.

So, either you’re an e-commerce startup, a small business, or a huge e-commerce platform, you need to follow these trends by heart to reach more prospects and make more conversions.

Stay updated with these latest trends to avoid being overrun by the whole crowd of e-commerce stores in the race!

Guest article written by: Soumyajit Chakraborty is the CEO at SoftProdigy. With his competent skills, he has been excelling in the IT sector for more than a decade now. He is a focused and goal-driven person who loves to share his expertise through blogging.

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  1. Great and informative post. E-commerce sites add new feature rapidly day by day. New trends are coming in market. You should aware from this like use of Chatbots.

  2. It’s good to find articles like this where the latest trends in the industry of e-commerce are being discussed. Thanks for sharing your ideas about these trends. This will surely help those who are engaging in e-commerce business.


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