5 Things Which Google Docs Will Teach You

Although there are tons of document saver. Yet, no one will drop the great importance of Google docs from an option of keeping the document. From the onset of Google which is the world best largest search engine brought into limelight Google doc which in turn earn much respect such as that of Google. Statistical has it that over 10million users are registered on the Google doc, this furthers tells us that over 2.5% creates 4 doc/day. The extensive function (i.e spreadsheet, slide presentation, drawings and optical character recognition) being put in the product makes it so unique for efficient and effective use. However, since learning knows no bound in life. There are certain five (5) things which Google doc will teach you.

1) BROADENS YOUR KNOWLEDGE: The free and easiness of this app make it conducive for every individual to give it a trial. Since the word, spreadsheet and slide presentation can be open by the open of one app makes it great to move from one app to the other thereby broadening one’s knowledge in each area being opened.

2) STRENGTHENING & INCREASE THE LENGTH OF YOUR WRITING: The most vital reason why people use Google doc is the privilege it gives to the user to create and edit the document online while collaborating real time with another user. Google doc teaches one the skill of proper arrangement, filing, and documentation. This entailed that everything typed is being documented and given a particular location. A freelance writer has taken Google doc as one of their vital tools during writing because this has assisted to know the number of word count.

3) FIRMS CAN USE IT AS A FEEDBACK MECHANISM: Additionally, “Feedback they say is an indispensable tool in any firm or organization” Google doc can use to create polls, surveys, and quizzes. Documents can also be created in mobile format thereby enabling easy access from various location per time. By
this way, it simply guarantees firm easy way to know what their customers feel on the services by the help of surveys being taken online.

4) VOCABULARY DEVELOPMENT: Vocabulary empowerment; who says you can only learn by reading? With Google doc, new words are learned with the aid of the fingers. So many times, errors have been automatically corrected with the auto-correct function. In fact, words which have been misspelled are underlined with further suggestions given as regards correct word. So, from the danger of sinking into quicksand, Google doc provides a way with the aid of our hands. Many times, words we have never heard before appear before us when we make blunders. Where else can a person learn new words if not on Google doc, the hub of words? In fact, a person’s knowledge of synonyms can be improved with the aid of Google doc. Indeed, Google doc is a class away from class.

5) CREATING A PROFESSIONAL PORTFOLIO: Having a portfolio gives one an edge over others reason being. it simply shows one ability in any particular field. And so, no matter how disorganized a person may be, he is taught either by coercion or persuasion with the auto save function of the word being typed is being kept in a location automatically. In a way, a man is being prepared for secretarial functions unknowingly. It also ensures self-accountability. Creating a professional portfolio with Google doc is a very powerful lesson to be learned. Since Google doc is an online base, it can easily be accessed all over the world even when not your own system. Just at a logging in, your documents which are needed is being displayed giving easy access for viewers to read some of your document already created in your portfolio.

Finally, lesson learned from Google doc cannot be over-emphasized. Even the illiterate are now embracing it for he who refuses the hub of the word and the icon that represent miracles in words, Google doc does it at his own peril. With Google doc, even the literate has a lot to learn. How much more the illiterate?

Guest article written by: Michael Usiagwu. You can find him on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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