5 Sports Gadgets You’ll Absolutely Go Crazy About

One of the best things about being a gadget enthusiast is the fact that there is a near-constant flow of new ones available for you to purchase. However, because the selection is so wide, it’s possible that there are some you have yet to discover. Below are five sports gadgets that can help you take your game to the next level.

1. Ahead Bicycle Helmet Attachment

If you’re someone who road cycles for long distances, you may have wished you were able to make phone calls, look up directions, or listen to music while on the road. The Ahead attachment for your bicycle helmet lets you do all this and more. This lightweight device clips onto a bike helmet. It allows you to interact with your phone hands-free and works by sensing vibrations as you speak.

With this gadget, road cyclists can stay safe and focused on the ride. There’s no need to pull over and pull out your phone for directions – you can simply look them up through the attachment.

2. Sniper Paintball Guns

Because paintball is a sport that involves both avoiding being hit by other players and making sure that you hit players on the opposing team, it makes sense that a sniper-style paintball marker would be an asset on the field. And while some may errantly claim that these markers are unnecessary because paintballs don’t fly straight, the fact is that a skilled player can shoot paintballs straight, even at long distances.

Sniper paintball markers are outfitted with scopes, high-power shooting, and other features that make them a great choice for the distance shooter. Some high-end models even have virtually no recoil, making it possible to strike a far-off target multiple times without having to readjust your sight. While some of these guns can get a bit pricey, they’re a worthy investment for the paintball enthusiast who wants to take their game up a notch.

3. MiCoach Smart Soccer Ball

This smart ball is an excellent choice for the sports gadgets fan who is also a soccer player. Reviewer Matt Marenic notes that the ball, when connected to a free app available to iPhone and Android users, can provide data on spin, flight path, ball strike, and more. It works by using several internal sensors, which then connect to your device in order to interact with the app.

If you are someone who wants to better your skill as a player but who doesn’t often practice with a coach, the MiCoach may be a worthy investment. Because you can download all data and keep track of your personal records, the ball allows you to track your progress over a variety of skills. And if you need a little help improving, the included app has a “Get Better” section that has video tutorials and instructions to improve your skills as a player. You also can choose a “Challenges” option that let you try to match the force of kicks by soccer professionals.

4. Jolt Sensor Head Impact Tracker

You likely are familiar with the dangers of concussions from football, but the truth is that concussion risk is present in a wide variety of sports. Jonathan H. Liu of GeekDad.com explains that this sensor is helpful for his daughters, who play roller derby. This sensor works by monitoring the force of blows to the head. It is a tiny, clip-on device that can attach to helmets, headbands, or other sports equipment. Its battery can last up to two months after a charge, so there’s no need to charge it before every use.

Like many smart sports devices, this sensor works with an app. It can live-stream impact information to the app, which makes it a good choice for parents of children who play sports that put them at risk for concussions. However, individuals can also use the app for themselves, as you can always stream the data to your own phone and review it later.

5. Vert Jump Sensor

This easily-operated device can measure the height of your jumps. It is useful for basketball, as it keeps track of several relevant statistics. It measures average jump height, number of jumps, and record high jumps. But it also has practical applications for volleyball, another jump-heavy sport. It can be clipped easily to a waistband, making it a conveniently wearable tool to add to your training wardrobe.

An update to Vert allows it to measure the rate of jumping, which makes it a smart fitness tool for jumping rope, too. And if you hit a personal record, the Vert store offers shirts and headbands for the 25 Inch Club, 30 Inch Club, and more.

For those who get excited about playing sports as well as about technology, adding sports gadgets to the mix can be an excellent way to develop in a given sport. And when used alongside general-purpose fitness gadgets like activity trackers, smart scales, and heart rate monitors, these tools can help you take control of your overall health as you move toward overall wellness.

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