Create Successful Marketing Videos That Win Consumers’ Hearts

Are you on social media? Do you frequent these online platforms? If so, you might have noticed the use of videos. With audiences watching millions of videos every day, the potential for using this mode in advertising keeps growing. In the past, only the financially stable firms could afford video marketing. On the contrary, today, you too can afford to create videos that appeal to and draw in consumers.

The fear that video creation is expensive or that it takes a long time to create one does not hold. While it is true that some projects are costly, you can still get business videos done on a small budget. What resources do you need? Good question, and you will find these answers practical:


You cannot just wake up one day and decide to shoot a video. That will be foolhardy. You need a well-structured plan, a budget and goals to drive the process. Prepare for a brainstorming session. Notify your marketing team and have them come up with ideas. When the meeting takes place, give everyone a chance to throw in their thoughts before picking the right one.

Targeted audience

At the commencement of any marketing initiative, you must be certain of the audience. While at it, ask the following questions:

  • Are you targeting potential clients or the existing ones?
  • What is their spending power?
  • Is your audience predominantly male, female or both?
  • What would you like from the viewers?

Answers to these questions will narrow down your task and drive the process further.

Involve your customer care team

Guys at the customer service handle your existing and potential clients. They can share insights on consumer patterns. If many people keep calling customer service to ask about certain products, you could shoot a video to solve this problem. At times, people simply want to know the value they can derive from your products or services.

Find a production firm

With many Idaho Falls video production firms at your disposal, getting the most ideal may seem tricky. You might have to make inquiries from several of them. In your query, make sure that the interested companies offer services that include:

  • Script writing
  • Scouting for a site
  • Availability of the right talent such as photography directors, sound engineers, stylists, producers and so on
  • Editing
  • Permits and insurance

Work with a company that offers you full production services.


A project as important as this requires some funding. Considering the expected returns, look for ways of financing the video production exercise. As a small enterprise, you may not have much money at your disposal. With help from your finance team, develop a budget. You could ask the production firms you had spoken to earlier to provide quotes; use them to prepare a spending plan.

Businesses that stand out from the competition do things differently. A video that wins a consumer’s heart must be well researched and strategically positioned. Having an audience in mind is always helpful. Most importantly, go for a shoot that meets your budgetary constraints.

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