Downloading Videos From Any Websites to Watch Offline with Movavi Screen Capture

Some of the video content that you come across on various websites may be so useful that you wish you were able to download it and watch it later on. Of course normally there won’t be the option for you to do so, but if you really want to save a video from any website so that you can watch it offline – you can do so.

The one surefire way to be able to download any video from any website is by just recording it straight from your screen then saving it. To do that you’ll need a screen recorder – which is where Movavi Screen Capture can help out.

Essentially however what you’ll be doing is setting it up to record the area of your screen where the video is playing, and Movavi Screen Capture will make that rather easy.

Once you enter the screen recorder in Movavi Screen Capture, you can set it up to record a particular region by drawing a frame with your mouse cursor. Alternatively you could select one of the presets that are available in the list.

When you are ready to start recording just be aware that there’s a 5-second delay, so you should wait and play the website video accordingly. In any case you can control the recording using the on-screen controls, or using the hotkeys that Movavi Screen Capture provides.

After you stop the recording the video will be saved to your hard drive automatically in MKV format. At the same time Movavi Screen Capture will display a preview window and will let you review the video you recorded and remove any unwanted footage. To remove a specific part of the video, you’ll need to split it into segments to isolate it and subsequently delete it.

If you have trimmed out parts from your video or if you want to store it in a format other than MKV you can then proceed to save it. All that remains is to choose the format you want, or use one of the presets in Movavi Screen Capture to automatically set up the video format and settings for a specific device or platform. In either case – you should have successfully downloaded the video from your website and can watch it whenever you see fit.

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    Usually i use keepvid & clipconverter online to download videos. Both are best as i am using it from 2 year.

    I never used any software for this. Well, now i am going to try this software for downloading videos.


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