GoPro Like a Pro – Tips to Take Amazing Photos and Videos

Are you ready to take photos like a pro?

In this post, we are going to cover some of the best GoPro photography tips that will help you take kick-ass travel photos and videos.

Make use of Gimbals to hold GoPro steady

One of the most common issues that people have with the GoPro is that the photography and footage come out blurry and shaky.

This issue is caused by two reasons:

First the GoPro cameras don’t have a built-in stabilizer and secondly, the size of the camera is so small so even the small movement can have a big impact on what the photography will look like.

To prevent this from happening you should make use of Gimbals. I personally have been using GoPro Hero 5 for quite a few time now and it makes awesome photos and videos. The quality of the pictures or videos will be way better if you make use of Gimbals. I found it difficult to find the best Hero-5 Gimbals but once I found the right one, I started to capture the best moments in a quality that I haven’t seen before.

Before using Gimbals I tried various ways to stabilize the camera such as holding it with both hands but still not a big improvement. So if you really want to capture moments that will be remembered you should definitely get a GoPro stabilizer.

Try out different angles

Unlike a DSLR or SLR camera, you can get the GoPro into some really neat and interesting angles to capture an amazing shot. Whether you are mounting it somewhere, on the car, on the window of the plane or even in your head trying to take multiple shots from different angles and places can be a great way to capture amazing photos. By being able to take a wide variety of shots from different places and angles you have much more to remember and tell a better story about your adventure.

Also, it’s much fun to mount the GoPro on different places and take photos from various angles. It adds a new dimension to your travelling experience.

Watch out for Fog

The fog is a great way to ruin your perfect travel photos. The worst thing that can happen to you is to let the GoPro get all foggy and not do nothing about it. The main reason why fog builds up is because the camera itself gets quite hot and if the temperature outside of the case is different than the moisture will start to accumulate.

When you walk it’s recommended to provide enough airflow around the camera itself so it doesn’t get too warm. It’s a good idea to use the case attachment that has the open and ventilated back piece.

If it’s raining or you are using the camera in wet situations such as swimming or snorkelling, then for sure you may want to use the closed back piece. To prevent frog in this case simply add a little piece of paper or even a rice grain to the camera case. It will definitely prevent fogging.

Use a Leash/Tether

A GoPro camera is not a cheap investment and so you have to be careful. You are using it to capture your best moments but shits can happen and it may fall down. Even though we recommend to use mounts to keep the camera steadily, sometimes they can fail. To prevent breaking or losing your camera, always use a leash or some kind to prevent it falling down. If you can’t afford to buy a proper tether you can easily do one by yourself.

Edit Photos

You can easily capture the best moments but sometimes those pictures can be too dark, overexposed and not as brightly as you would like. So if you really have some good shots you don’t want to lose, you should edit them. It’s not hard to learn how to edit photos. Apps like Photoshop or Lightroom are great but the GoPro Studio app is also good for editing photos.

You may need to work a bit a practice to improve your skills. It will become easier over the time and once you learn it you will be unstoppable.


GoPro is the best gadget you need to capture the best moments and share your travel adventures with friends and family. It is small, light and most important it can capture high-quality photos and videos. With a GoPro, you can do things that there is no chance to do with other cameras. There are endless of possibilities. The limit is only your imagination.

Did I forget anything that needs to be mentioned in this article? Let us know in the comment section below. We would like to hear your suggestions.

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