How You Can Promote Your Website Today?

As an entrepreneur or small to medium-sized business owner, you need to get visitors to your website. There are various methods of achieving this, with SEO being one of them. Below are a few ways to get visitors, as well as the advantages of using search engine optimization and why SEO is the best way to get traffic to your site.

Email Marketing

Regardless of the type of business you run, you can benefit from having an email list. Email marketing is all about growing a list of contacts that have subscribed to your list. Encourage people to join your list by offering them something for free, such as a free digital product or a coupon to use. Once you have a list, you can market them your products, announce upcoming product releases and new articles on your site. All of these things can result in a massive increase in traffic to your site.

Use Social Media

Social media marketing and search engine optimization are closely related. Search engines consider a number of social signals when ranking content. If your company has a solid presence on social media, then this could boost your rankings in the results. Use Facebook and Twitter to promote your website. Include links to your site in your posts and focus on growing your base of followers on both social media platforms.


If you run a business, then you need to be on YouTube. It doesn’t matter what kind of website you run, take time to create videos relevant to the content you publish on it. Include a call to action at the beginning and ending of your video. Don’t forget to include a link back to your website in the video’s description and within the video. If viewers like your videos, then you’ll get more visitors to your website.

Search Engine Optimization

The best way to get online visitors to your website is by implementing an SEO strategy. There are so many advantages of SEO and some of these advantages include:

1. Increase Sales- Search engine optimization can result in a flood of traffic to your website on a daily basis. When you rank well for a few low to medium competitive keywords, then you could get traffic regularly. This increases your chances of making sales regularly.

2. Generate Leads- If you don’t increase sales with SEO, then you will surely generate more leads. Best of all, these will be warm leads, which means people who are already interested in your website to some extent. Generating leads is a great way to build an email list, too. The more leads you get, then more sales you will make in the future and the more people will be aware of your business.

3. Gain Credibility- You need to have credibility if you want to be taken seriously. If you’re a new business or a business with a weak online presence, them SEO can help you build credibility. When your website appears early on in the search results, then people will already have a degree of trust in your business. Sites that appear earlier in the search engines results pages tend to be looked at as more trustworthy than sites that appear much later on in the results.

4. Become Competitive- Another advantage of using SEO is it will help make you competitive. Whether you’re a one-man operation or a small-to-medium sized business with dozens of employees, you have competition. The chances are they are already using SEO and this means you need to be using it too. When SEO is done properly, then you may even be able to beat your competition.

The bottom line is SEO will help people find your website and it also leverage social sharing. The content shared on Facebook and other social media sites are related to SEO. When SEO and social media marketing is combined, then you could reap unbelievable results and enjoy growing your business with ease.

Basic SEO Tips

There are many SEO methods out there, but we’ll discuss four important ones. For starters, you want to create fresh content for your website on a regular basis. Choose keywords that are relevant to your content and use those keywords throughout the content. Also, when you research keywords, choose keywords that are considered low to medium in competition. The highly competitive keywords are too difficult to rank for. Also, when you publish content on your website, link back to previously published content that is relevant. This will boost the number of internal links and can help you in terms of SEO.

To sum up the above, the basic SEO tips to keep in mind are:

  • Create fresh content regularly
  • Use keywords throughout content
  • Choose low to medium competition keywords
  • Link to previous content within your site

Now you know how to promote your website and why SEO is the best form of marketing. You also know the advantages of SEO. Take what you’ve just learnt and put it into action, and then you should start getting more traffic to your website.

Guest article written by: Helen Cartwright,

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