How to Improve Drawing Tablet Skills?

Technology has provided artists of this generation, with new and exciting methods to reveal their creativity. And one of the most innovative and diverse gadgets technology has to offer, is the Drawing Tablet. It’s a piece of equipment that can be used by countless professionals and artists alike. From graphic artists, interior designers, web designers, painters, animators, film makers, photographers, cinematographers, architects and so many other professions, benefit from the incredible technology behind Drawing Tablets. And with its growing popularity, we are seeing more brands and versions of Drawing Tablets popping up in the market. The question is, what is the best drawing tablet for you? To answer this question, it’s best to understand what a Drawing tablet is, and how this works.

What is a Drawing Tablet?

A drawing tablet is a simple, mouse-pad like computer input device that comes with a stylus shaped like a pen. It is also called a graphic or digital tablet. The device functions just as a mouse and mouse pad, but the unique design allows users to hand-draw images on to a computer software as if they were drawing on a piece of paper.

Why are drawing tablets so popular?

The main reason why drawing tablets have grown in popularity within the world of creative arts and design is that of the ease they provide for users. Gone are the days when everything is drawn onto pieces of paper. A lot of artists in all kinds of fields of work, use drawing tablets to be able to hand-draw work onto computer design software. This saves so much time and effort for them to draw ideas on to paper, and scan them into computers. And at the same time, it also saves them money on materials. Since everything can now be done on computers, it’s easy to edit, erase and create using a drawing tablet. It’s faster, more efficient and helps artists thrive for more creatively, as there are more possibilities with technology.

What does the technology offer for artists?

The ease of use, diversity and effectiveness of a drawing tablet all boils down to the incredible technology that’s used to design it. Drawing tablets are made to have different levels of pressure sensitivity that allow artists to draw as if their stylus was actually a real pen, and the pad was actually a piece of paper. Its sensitivity will be picked up by the software and artists can change their strokes, the intensity of colour and shading, to create work that’s as good as what you can do on paper. The technology allows users to have full control of their work and what they are illustrating in different software.

How to improve your drawing tablets skills?

With all of this in mind and understanding how best drawing tablets work, it’s now time to figure out how to improve your skills at using this device. Here are a few tips:

1. Practice

The best way to improve your skills as an artist is to keep practising, keep developing the muscles in your hand that gives you the ability to do different skills. The same goes for when you are using a drawing tablet. Practice makes perfect. The more you use it, the better your hand will be at manoeuvring the stylus to make the most out of the device. A good tip to practice with is to mimic drawings and keep practising till you come close to the illustration. This will give you the opportunity to really learn how to manipulate the pressure and the stylus.

2. Paint with light and shadows

After you have mastered the feel of the device and the stylus, it’s now time to master working to create images. Before trying out colours and different brushes, try to first paint with light and shadow. Get yourself familiarized with how to create images with just black and white colours.

3. Try every colour

The next step is to produce images, but now with colour. Again, this is perfect as you will continuously be practising your hand and arm with using the device, whilst at the same time, you can familiarize yourself with how colours work and blend together on a computer.

To get the best results from the best Drawing Tablets, continue practising and learning how to manipulate and maximize the device to its full potential. Soon enough, it’ll feel just as good as using a pen on paper. The key thing to remember is, to find the best Drawing Tablet that suits you and the art you aim to use it for. With many different brands and designs to choose from, it won’t be hard to find exactly what you need.

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