What Services Should You Look for in an SEO Professional

Link building, keyword density analysis, and press releases are just some of the common services a typical SEO professional provides. But, if you’re looking for a truly professional SEO service, it’s important the agency you’ve chosen to undertake the work has the experience when it comes to being thorough.

Although search engines look at backlinks and the content of a site to determine where your website should be ranked, that’s not everything they use in their algorithms. If you’re hiring SEO services, ensure they offer the ultimate service by completing the following tasks.

Extensive Keyword Research

Keyword research is key when it comes to enticing the search engines, otherwise, you could well be wasting your time on promoting your business for certain keywords that aren’t necessarily benefitting it. Look towards professionals who can provide this type of service for you. They will research your competitors to see where their strengths are and they will make you more competitive by producing a new set of keywords to target.

Page Speed Optimization

Speed is highly important to Google these days. If your website is sluggish and it doesn’t provide an all-round decent navigational experience for your users, Google will penalize you for it. Their spiders don’t just grab content and determine where you should be placed in Google, they also test your pages for speed. Hire a professional that can offer website speed optimization to make it quicker and more pleasing for the search engines and, of course, your visitors.

W3C Compliance

Not all websites are compliant with the latest web standards, and that could lead to another penalty from Google. W3C checks for the latest coding standards against your documents, and you’ll be presented with errors that need to be fixed to better your results.

SEO professionals often have development experience and will be able to adjust your programming to meet the latest standards. Consider this service if you really want to better your search engine presence, it could make the difference.

Google Analytics Integration

Although it’s a simple service, Google Analytics integration is important so you know where your traffic is coming from. It will give you an insight into what you need to do better by giving you invaluable statistics such as bounce rate, page views, organic traffic and much more.

SEO agencies like Parxavenue Ltd. provide this service within one of their packages, so it’s always worth comparing their packages with the one you’ve been offered so you know what you should be getting.

Meta Description Management

If you’re not clued up when it comes to web development practices, you may not have heard of meta descriptions and keywords. These are typically placed in the HTML front-end coding in the header tags, but they have been known to be the difference when it comes to creating a better search engine presence. An SEO professional will manage these with more efficiency to produce better results.

The above are just some of the other basic services SEO professionals provide, but they should be at the top of your agenda if you want to take your search engine presence to the next level. SEO agencies typically offer several packages to suit your needs, so be sure to discuss your requirements in detail so you know you’re getting more for your money.

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