Are You The One Who Love Big Screens?

With internet access and mobile phone ownership skyrocketing around the world, it is no wonder that the way we enjoy media and entertainment is also changing today. If you love watching media on larger screens but currently only own a mobile phone, knowing the pros and cons of connecting your device and the methods to do so is a way for you to enjoy any form of entertainment on the big screen in your home.

Research Your Current Mobile Phone’s Features and Specs

One of the first steps to streaming media to your television is to research your current phone’s capabilities and features. Reading on the specific model of your phone is a way to determine what type of options you have to stream (if you have the available with your phone’s model). Save time by researching whether a wired or wireless connection is necessary to get your phone connected to stream from your larger television.

Invest in an HDMI Mobile Phone Adapter (Wired Connection)

Purchase an MHL cable if your phone is capable of adapting to the use of an HDMI port. Using an MHL cable is one of the easiest wired methods to connect your mobile device to an HDMI port on your TV. If you do not currently have an HDMI port on your television, consider Slim port. Slim port is an alternative option available for streaming that allows you to connect to DVI, VGA, and DisplayPort for those who do not have an HDMI port available on their TV’s.

It is essential to research each HDMI connector cable available to verify that it is compatible with the mobile phone you own or intend to invest in to avoid delays and the inability to properly stream media to your television.

Windows Computers and Devices

When you want to connect your mobile phone to your television for wireless streaming, you can do so if you have a laptop or desktop device already connected to your TV. Connecting both your Windows device and your mobile phone to the same network is the first step to stream directly with your mobile phone.

On your Windows device, locate the Action Centre or your display settings to connect to another Wireless Display. Select the type of display you prefer, whether you want to project media on both screens, the first screen available, or the second screen only. Select your TV or the model of your television from the list of available devices you want to share screens with or gather the screen from on your Windows devices.

Google cast and Miracast (Wireless Connection)

Both Google cast and Miracast are wireless connection options that allow you to connect your phone to your home’s Wi-Fi connection, allowing you to stream media directly to your television. With the use of Google cast and Miracast, you have the option to browse through services such as YouTube and Netflix to stream content directly to your home’s TV. Research both Google cast and Miracast to compare features and prices along with compatibility with your current device.

While Miracast has been around significantly longer than Google cast, individuals are switching to Google cast for increased speeds and less latency and lagging when streaming media. Depending on the type of features you are interested in and the number of media you plan to stream daily or monthly, comparing both of the items and what they have to offer is highly advisable to ensure you get the speed you require and the results you need for uninterrupted streams.

Roku Streaming Devices (Wireless Connection)

Another option available to stream directly from your phone to your television is a Roku device. Roku streaming devices give you the ability to directly connect to your Roku account while plugging in a portable USB stick to utilize on the TV you want to stream on. Roku streaming devices are simple to configure and allow you to get your media up and running in less time. You can also use tablet devices with a Roku stick, depending on your own preference for entertainment-streaming.

A newer alternative on the market today is also Amazon’s Fire Stick, which allows users to stream various movies and media. Not only does the Amazon Fire Stick allow individuals to find movies and shows with their own Amazon Marketplace, but it is also possible to connect Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu, and other popular streaming services in an instant once you have authenticated your accounts. Amazon’s Fire Stick is recommended for those who have an interest in connecting their streaming accounts without additional features available such as searching for information or streaming YouTube videos on a whim.

Opt for a Smart TV (Wireless Connection)

One of the best investments if you are looking for an alternative from streaming media with your mobile phone, is to purchase a Smart TV. The new Smart TV’s that are currently on the market today provide owners with the ability to easily access YouTube, Netflix, and other services to access media faster and without the use of an external device.

As Smart TV’s become more advanced, investing in one is a way to enjoy your favorite online media without additional items. You can directly connect to movies, videos, and live streams without connecting your phone and with the use of a Smart TV remote control. Depending on the features available, Smart TV’s are ideal for those who are not as tech-savvy or want a simplistic way of connecting streaming services without the hassle of browsing for cords or connecting to a television with a mobile phone wirelessly. Always be sure to determine your needs before deciding when you are looking to stream entertainment to your television.

Learning more about the mobile phone you own, its features, and options for connecting media online is essential if you love streaming material right in the comfort of your own home with the use of a television. Choosing the right phone option along with the best TV for your streaming abilities is a way to avoid investing in additional streaming equipment or computers in the future when you prefer utilizing your mobile phone.

Guest article written by: Helen Cartwright,

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