Seven Simple Tricks that Can Improve Your Online Marketing Strategy

Online marketing has taken over and greatly influenced how businesses presents themselves to potential clients. It has the potential to generate huge results. For example, 22% of all online marketing firms are satisfied with their conversion rate while page one ranking on google has a 34.36% click through rate. This means that any firm worth the name has to invest in online marketing. There are a number of tricks that improve your online marketing strategy.

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I. Regularly Post Quality Content

Your online marketing is only as good as its content. You have to consistently create fresh, engaging, insightful, interesting and valuable content if you want to increase your online traffic. You have to set your online platforms as the go-to place for all the industry-relevant content for your clients. This is one of the simplest tricks that improve your online marketing strategy. Soon enough you’ll build your brand as a thought leader. The best way to go about this is to come up with an editorial calendar that will guide you on what posts to put up and when.

II. Update Your Site

Your site has to be navigable, user-friendly, aesthetic and very functional. It has to be easy to use, should load easily, and all the important content should be readily available. Research shows that online traffic spends less than 3 seconds waiting for a site to load. Once a site takes more than 6 seconds to load they get frustrated and 86% will never come back if they encountered slugging loading speeds. The site should also have online banking tools that make it easy for the users to make purchases online. PayPal prepaid login is a good example of how an online banking tool should look like.

III. Include Target Keywords in Your Ad

Keywords are such a critical part of search engine optimization for your platforms. You have to carry out a research on the keywords that are relevant to your industry. Make sure you use them as frequently and creatively in your content without stuffing them. The simplest keyword trick that improve your online marketing strategy is to put it in the headline, the first paragraph, make a mention of it in the body and in the conclusion. This will make it easier for the ads in your platforms to rank high on search engines.

IV. Write a Strong Call to Action

A great ad or content is only as good as the call to action. There is a great number of call-to-actions that can significantly increase the conversion rates. You have to choose a call to action that best reflects your goal. This could be a free estimate, order the good, or download a coupon. A call to action has to be compelling, it should focus on the action and it should use a first-person narrative. It should also leverage on urgency, and win sales with extra information.

V. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

By November 1st 2016 the number of people using the smartphone to access the net surpassed those who use desktops. As of now close to 83% of mobile users rely on smartphones to access the internet. That’s why you have to ensure that your site is mobile optimized. This simply means it should load easily on the phone screen and the images should fit. The fact that 48% of consumers start their mobile search with a branded site means you have to be very deliberate about mobile optimization.

VI. Engage Your Social Media Fans

Social media should be the primary focus of your online marketing. Keep in mind that it’s the largest online market. Facebook has over 1.2 billion denizens, Instagram (500m), Twitter (300m), Android (1.4B), Snapchat (300m), and LinkedIn (300m). You have to learn what your followers are doing on social media as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each of the platforms and find ways to engage them. What makes social media a great opportunity, is that with a few dollars you can advertise to thousands of members.

VII. Post Realistic Images

Images tend to significantly increase the conversion rate in an online marketing campaign. Great images are known to increase click rates by up to 42%. That’s why you have to invest in good quality, relevant and interesting images. Choosing an image for your post or ad is an art. One of the ways of going about this is to ask yourself. If I were to present my entire blog through one image which one would best reflect the content? In fact, you can get rid of all texts and simply use images with captions.

At the end of the day, the best way to go about online marketing is to learn all the tricks that improve your online marketing strategy which will in turn, help you assess the strengths of your product and your brand. Then find the best ways possible to highlight those strengths through online marketing platforms. You should also have a means of measuring the bounce rate, site traffic, conversion rates and any other useful feedback.

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