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Times have changed and the internet that was once the epitome of having your own private world has already lost its original state. Not only is your privacy lost these days, but you are even under the surveillance by a government that’s apparently trying to make sure everything is ‘OK’ well; in fact, the world has become more messed up.

Thanks to the ever advancing technology, we can now change things back – back to the days when you have privacy, security and freedom to surf the internet with no limitations, censorships and data sniffing practices. This is just what Private Internet Access wants to achieve: to help each and every internet users all over the world to regain their internet freedom and be able to surf the web with confidence and not having to worry about being tracked.

Private Internet Access (PIA) is known to be one of the most Anonym VPN services which take anonymity and privacy seriously. If you were searching for reputable VPN providers that offer anonymous browsing you have found it! Would you like to learn more about Private Internet Access VPN and see if it’s the right company you should go with? If so, this is the most important page you’ll ever read.

Private Internet Access is a VPN provider that is established in the United States. Out of the many providers that are established in the US, Private Internet Access is one of the few companies that accept BitCoins as a payment system.

Private Internet Access offers downloadable client software for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. They also offer setup guides for select Linux operating systems and a handful of router types. The client software for Windows was easy to download and set up. Once installed, the interface itself is very minimalistic and could use some more engineering design-wise. Considering PIA claims it’s the ‘best VPN service’, I would expect a bit more from the app but it met my basic needs.

The login window acts as a settings page that allows the user to choose server location and preferred private VPN protocol. After these settings have been chosen, however, there is not much to interact with. In fact, the only way that the user is notified that he or she is connected to the Internet using PIA is through a small icon in the system tray in the bottom right corner of the screen. This lack of a well-functioning interface leaves lots of room for error if a user forgets that he or she is connected to the Internet using a VPN service.

You’re also paying for the brand. Not to show-off to your friends, but in its certifications. London Trust Media has been around for ten years now and is one of the few with tangible evidence to back up its no logging policy. However, if users aren’t happy, PIA does have a seven-day money back guarantee. That should be more than enough time, and refunds are given with no questions asked. Unless Netflix blocking is your biggest use, the value for money is unmatched. That amazing price point is why we named Private Internet Access one of the best VPNs this year.

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